Beauty & Wellness October Obsessions

Who doesn't need stirrup barre pants, grippy ballet socks, one-piece leotards and flattering, high waisted capri pants in their life? WHO?

I discovered Zakti Activewear via a British Health & Fitness magazine and haven't looked back. Not limited to UK customers, obviously. They have done a brilliant collaboration with dancer Kimberly Wyatt. Ideal for barre, pilates, yoga and dance classes and - bonus! - you won't see 20 women with the same pants as you in class.

Research backs up the many health benefits of fish oil omega 3. It isn't naturally produced by the body and needs to be consumed, either through fatty fish, walnuts (ideal plant based omega 3!) or supplements. BlackMores Fish Oil is my daily joint, skin, heart, gut, muscle and overall wellbeing supplement of choice.

On the path of essential muscle, joint, bone, skin and gut health, did you know elite athletes and ballerinas take collagen supplements? The alternative is bone broth, but a tasteless collagen powder like GelPro Advanced Marine Collagen in your water, nut milk smoothie or even your acai bowl in the morning is an ideal way to boost your protein intake and feed your cells essential nutrients to build and maintain bone, muscle and skin tissue.

Recovery time demands magnesium. This mineral is present in most cell functions within the body so if you are stressed, getting sweaty a lot or post illness, you're likely in need of a magnesium boost. Taking capsules is okay, except that it's likely you're just going to pee them out rather than really benefit. If you apply magnesium as a cream, spray or even soak your feet in a magnesium salt bath, you absorb a great deal more and the massage effect has additional benefits. Go for pure, high grade stuff like Elektra Magnesium Spray & Flakes

Michael Kors Wonderlust because life is too short to stay in one place and also too short to not smell like heaven in a glass bottle. Plus...Christmas Is Imminent. Time to make a wishlist.

BYS Highlight Palette is my key to GLOW - like a beacon of beautiful good health and because a little bit of contouring (not Kardashian level everyday...) will always be welcome.

Sukin Shampoo & Conditioner because this organic company and their products are all about no toxins, no nasties, no animal testing. Also because it's affordable, Australian and gentle on your skin, scalp, hair and the earth.

My Froothie Blender is the B O M B. I can whizz up my protein smoothie in the morning (try roast pumpkin left to cool overnight with cinnamon, almond milk, big spoonful of marine collagen and a little shake of nutmeg) and also make a whole lot of raw food goodies like purees, dips, sauces and even mashed sweet potato and carrot/turmeric soup. Oh the endless possibilities! 900W or go home.

Last, but not least, my bathroom cabinet is a mecca of wonderfulness. At the ready every week is my Medik8 Clay Mask to nix the nasty stress/pollution and sweaty-face spots that occasionally appear. My nails always benefit from a layer of super glam - loving the cult brand Smith & Cult. Because it's a cult thing, and it's the goddess queen that is Kat Von D... on the daily, long lasting lip colour demands Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (either Lolita or K-Pop).

Blonde - the magazine

I'm in the midst of my blonde ombre transformation via hairdresser extraordinaire, Mariah at Hairhouse Warehouse. My barre and yoga classes have been lucky enough to see the various stages of yellowness on the way to being a clean blonde. I'm definitely keeping my dark roots though - this is how this look becomes sustainable without constant bleaching and maintenance. Even when my hair has grown out in a few years, I'll still have super light ends. To maintain, lots of hair masks and definitely use a purple-based shampoo and conditioner (Redken Blonde Idol) to avoid brassiness from pollution and tap water. I imagined up the magazine I'd want to read for inspo. What do you think? Could it be the new Vogue?
platinum blonde ombre
platinum blonde ombre
platinum blonde ombre

Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness, Fitness and Beauty Addicts

Who doesn't have that last minute panic of What On EARTH Do I Give Jane, Rosie, Steph...etc? Here's the simple, straightforward guide to what's out there that makes a great gift for the wellness oriented pals in your life.

Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate Nail & Palettes

It used to be very much that makeup and beauty and supplements were all about what you don't have, what you want to conceal, what you are deeply lacking and need to spend all your hard earned moolah on to ensure you are fulfilled.

In fact, many brands and media still push this idea.

Thankfully, there are some brands out there with a message that is really positive. Sure, they're still selling you things, but there is not that toxic message that you need this because you are inherently lacking and this is the answer.

The latest collection is Wine & Chocolate. Divine, of course! A full range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush and to-die-for nail hues in beige, crimson, grape, chocolate and ballet pink. I'm obsessed with nail polish in Chocolate and brightening blush in Pink Truffle.

Onzie Activewear

Made in LA by yoga devotees FOR yoga devotees. I have Onzie leggings and capris that I still wear daily after 5 years and they look exactly as they did when I first wore them. These aren't 3-wears-and-a-wash style activewear that quickly gets consigned to the donation bin. 
There's an all new collection just out for men and women - that's right! Onzie has a men's range and a children's range so you could dress your family, friends and workmates in matching outfits.

My hopes are entirely pinned on those leopard shaper leggings. A burgundy open back hoodie? I wouldn't say no, Santa.

philosophy Fragrance

Every year, philosophy releases limited edition Christmas bath and body goodies which are beautiful to look at and divine to smell. The tried and true longstanding favourite of mine and many others is amazing grace. The box features the philosophy behind the name and the fragrance and on opening, there's a little message: "believe in miracles".
I love being reminded of this each time I go to spritz it on and I do think to myself - be amazingly graceful!

House of Matcha tea

What an awesome discovery THIS has been! House of Matcha does high-grade matcha green tea. It is neon, kryponite coloured and the special set comes with a whisk, bowl and an easy-to-follow set of instructions for preparing your matcha. The preparation is key.
The limited edition gift set is the perfect present for the dedicated matcha lover or your friend, mother, daughter, husband who is all about wellness but hasn't discovered the deep joy of matcha green tea powder. I drink it as a tea and also use the powder as a seasoning for fish and vegetable dishes. I've also seen it used to flavour smoothies and chia seed pudding. Get creative! As they say, "800 years of Japanese practice and perfection" is pretty reliable.

Master Met Gala Makeup

Naturally, you were also hovering at the keyboard, eyes glued to the screen awaiting Met Gala photos on Tuesday morning. 

I have to say, with such an incredible theme, it was astonishing the amount of celebrities who interpreted this as "80s Halloween Party". Or just tossed on whatever designer frock their stylist lazily flung at them (ahem, Alicia Vikander...)
Fortunately though, there were some killer looks that absolutely nailed style, fashion, theme, futurism meets classic glamour. Nicole Kidman, Ciara, Poppy Delevigne, Clare Danes... did anyone really nail it in your view?

Apart from the amazing dresses and amazing bodies (Naomi Campbell, if there is ever a perfect robot woman she will definitely be modelled on Ms Campbell!) there were some trend-setting makeup looks to recreate. Will we see a wave of black lipstick wearing teenagers a la Taylor Swift? I think so. I'd be more inclined to opt for deep, deep purple! Or save it for your nails.
Get Ciara's Look with smoky, violet-hued mascara and sharp, precise liquid black liner. Nails can match the dramatic eyes in violet or go understated with a neutral beige.

Get Poppy's Look with deep plum lips and an illuminated (but not shimmery) complexion. Keep your hair glossy, glamorous and no wild shapes and textures.

Bobbi Brown Nude Finishing Powder (Bobbi Brown)
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Crushed Plum Lipstick (Bobbi Brown)
Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Pale Mauve (Bobbi Brown)

Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation (David Jones)

Geo Print Eco Friendly Yoga, Barre, Gym Gear

Pastel pink has been called the colour of 2016 by Pantone, the great colour gurus. This may be so, but as a Yoga Pants Guru, I'm seeing black and white geo print and I am loving it.
Loving it.
Because it's flattering when the angle and placement of the print aligns with your body shape, it can easily be coordinated with block colours and if you're more adventurous, other patterns. It can dial back the intensity of your more eye-popping colour choices, whether that's neon green tank top or aqua blue hair.

Back to Geo Print though. In particular, eco friendly activewear. The fabric and the manufacturing process have been carefully chosen to ensure least damage to natural resources and climate. I believe it's going to become more and more of a political, cultural and social discussion point for 2016 and onwards in the fashion industry. The ethics of our clothing and the imperative to spend more on clothing that meets a sustainability standard rather than throwing away money on 10 pieces of el cheapo mass manufactured tat that will fall apart, fade and tear within 2 washes.

I've loved Om Shanti Clothing for years. Every single pair of pants still looks and feels EXACTLY as it did when it first arrived. No amount of sweating, gym sessions, laundry and sun exposure has faded or stretched it. And it's still super bright. Cannot speak highly enough of Joel and Jackie Strauss who run Om Shanti and really live the message: be active, be good, be considerate of the earth and your footstep on it.
So hard to narrow down my favourites so lucky I've got a theme: the new Black Chakra print Performance Legging is AH mazing. Agreed?

I'm a new convert to Shift To Nature. This is a Australian brand run by the lovely Sonja. Her entire range is eco friendly from design to delivery. Fits like a glove, looks flattering and withstands hot yoga and CrossFit. There's plenty of pieces you can coordinate too. The prints complement one another and there are several pieces in the same prints so that you can go with full length leggings or hot yoga shorts. Lucky. Some days I haven't defuzzed and fake tanned and as we know, those are NOT hot yoga short days. My new favourites? The GeoTech Hot Yoga Bra, Pyramid Hot Yoga Bra and Geo Tech Eco Leggings. They will be featured on my Instagram. Of course! Stay up to date with new products and offers on Facebook:     Eco Active @ Shift To Nature

And last but not least, of course, make sure you coordinate EVERYTHING because it's the small details that can make you smile mid-class, workout or meeting.
Whether you go all fancy with nail art of some wonderful geometric print or just black, just white or a combo - embrace the spirit. Obsessed with OPI Alpine Snow ($19.95 @ Myer)

Pointe Studio Grip Socks Giveaway

Barre babes rejoice! Christmas may be over, but the gift giving doesn't end for you.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Pointe Studio - a boutique barre, pilates, yoga and dancewear treasure box that also sells the most comprehensive range of patterned and coloured grip socks you can imagine!

From polka dots to stripes, pink, orange, grey and name it, it's there.
What's the benefit of grip socks?

  • No slip grip - perfect for pilates, yoga, barre and BodyBalance (also, the loungeroom)
  • Protects your feet in the cold and in airconditioned spaces
  • Hides the pedicure you didn't have
  • Ensures that if you moisturised the night before class, you won't be sliding around

I have 8 pairs to give away.

All you need to do is follow my Facebook and Pointe Studio.

Leave a comment here telling me where you'd wear your grip socks.

Cross your fingers!

Competition ONLY open to Melbourne residents. 

Dear Santa... Top Picks for Fit Fashion & Beauty Lovers

I know there's endless lists of what you need this Christmas, but there's some absolute gold dust sparkled, she'll-love-you-forever, purse bursting goodies worth featuring so here goes. Dear Santa, I've been very good (ok, ok...QUITE good...) and I would like...

philosophy candy cane shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath
Every year we eagerly await the Christmas scented range from philosophy. Don't we all? From gingerbread to snow angels and cranberry, they tick all the boxes on yummy scent, pretty packaging and cute messaging. As the bottle suggests, "we all could use some peppermint cheer this time of year" so if you're done chewing candy canes, your hair and body can smell like one instead. Available at David Jones ($30)

Where's Karl? The Book
Remember Where's Wally? This is the fashionista version with Karl & Choupette located within various fashion cities (Milan, Paris, Dubai...). Behind Kanye and Kim, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Andre Leon Talley and Tom Ford, he will be lurking for you to find. Too much fun! Available at Pan Macmillan Australia ($19.99)

Active Creatures Glamour Puss Shorts
Sure, these are ideal for your pole dancer friend, but they're also ideal for hot yoga. You do not want any unnecessary layers in there, trust me. There's a new range out this week (set your alarm for early Wednesday morning) but I've got these in pink and I adore them. Available at Active Creatures (free shipping, $54)

Pacifica Nail Polish
You've read about 5-free nail polish without the nasty chemicals found in your chemist's $2 bargain bin, right? Well, Pacifica will outdo that! They are vegan, cruelty free and 7-free. No parabens, no formaldehyde. I love Crystal Orchid for a pretty pink, but there's every shade from grey to sunshine yellow. Available at Nourished Life ($18.95)

Bitchin Skin Matcha Green Tea Body Scrub
I think the label pretty much sums this up. Get Bitchin Skin with... bitchinskin. My personal pick is the coconut + peppermint mix. YUM. You will not want the shower to end. It's the ideal prezzie for your Doesn't She Already Have Everything? friend. She doesn't have this. Australian made. Available at BitchinSkin ($14.95)
A Bit Hippy Ho Ho Hamper
What to get the vegan crossfit hippy in your life? I know, real problem. Thank goodness for A Bit Hippy and their hamper. A range of their gorgeous, cruelty free and fab skincare and haircare in a cute box. What's not to love? Contains 
Rice & Fresh Face and Body Wash
Soothing & Improving Moisturiser
Nothing To Smell Here Deodorant
Ditchin' The Itchin' Shampoo
Say No To Silicone Conditioner
Available at A Bit Hippy ($50)

Sowing The Seeds and Making Your Intention Come To Life

Have you had times in your life where you've deeply mourned the end of something or come to the end of a relationship and thought, THAT was a big chunk of my life wasted!?
I have. But I've also discovered that while not everything has an obvious purpose or meaning, quite often things that I've struggled with at the time have been entry points to opportunities - whether it's jobs or meeting new people or going to new places - that I wouldn't otherwise have known.

I am facing the end of a class that I have adored taking for over four years now and while it makes me very sad to think of it ending, I also remind myself that I've loved it for four years. My teaching style has evolved and I've watched my regular participants get stronger, more flexible, walk taller. I have gone into every class wanting to be there and delivering. I have sown the seeds to be able to move into something else and know that the experience I've had has prepared me for what's next.

I've been excited about the prospect of what else I could do. I'm curious and passionate about so many things. I will always teach - in some way, in some place - but I also want to write, to design, to collaborate creatively and to share my excitement for colour, texture and the incredible universe of beauty and fashion. I've also always been a media junkie. I could edit and write about music, beauty, fashion and design 24 hours, 7 days a week.
These are all things I'm exploring.
I digress though. I wanted to introduce you to a concept in yoga called Sankalpa. In the same few days, I was listening to two podcasts discussing this and both were very different. One was a Hindu yoga practitioner and the other was Jillian Michaels. Essentially, both had the same message though. The actions we take, with the intentions we have, are much more valuable and important than the outcome of whatever those actions are. If you put all your energy and your passion and your focus into your yoga class today - does it matter that you get to the end and you can't get your leg over your shoulder and do a perfect peak pose? For every minute, you felt fully present and every muscle and every thought and breath mattered to you. That has to be enough. Then, because you have applied yourself so intensely and devotedly this time, maybe next class or the class in two weeks' time, you will find yourself in a pose you hadn't even imagined your body would manage. 
Sankalpa translated means resolution, or resolve. It is setting an intention to give your mind a clear direction and focus. It is less about the actual result, than the intention behind it. 

Swami Satyananda, in his book Yoga Nidra, says 'The resolve you make at the beginning of the practice is like sowing a seed, and the resolve at the end is like irrigating it’.

I have gone into every one of my classes with the full intention of informing on safe and effective methods of being stronger and more flexible. With the full intention of inspiring greater body awareness and appreciation for muscles and movement. I have had the full intention of making the environment one of inclusion, and a joyful and challenging space. 
I don't regret that for a moment and I believe that I have sown the seeds in every minute and every hour of teaching that particular class time that have made whatever comes next possible.

Bahia Yoga gives a nice, easy guide to 5 Tips On Choosing A Sankalpa.

If you're up for a bit of homework, have a think right now about a time when you challenge yourself - whether it's personal or professional - and set an intention that you can return to.
Maybe it is to attempt a pose or a technique that you have been afraid of. Maybe it is to be kinder and more patient. Maybe it is to reject the voice that says you aren't good enough or accomplished enough. Maybe it's to sit with uncertainty about your future and your life and to see that as fascinating and a world of opportunity rather than something to be feared. Maybe it is to face something more confronting and scary like an addiction or a habit that you are struggling with and to stop. Keep coming back to your intention until it comes to fruition. Then make another.

Fashion Illustration and Design Culture Books

I know the latest trend in mindfulness is adult colouring books, but if you're truly a creative soul looking for a focus, don't get out your crayons for someone else's lines.
Draw your own.
I first discovered 9 Heads at Prahran Library, where all the fashion and design students pore over fashion textbooks they can't possibly afford! (The best magazines are at Toorak Library - insider goss.)
I am an unashamed fashion illustration lover and while I won't be knocking David Downton (work, pictured below) off his throne anytime soon, I am inspiring myself with Tony Glenville's New Icons of Fashion.
Illustrators profiled include Carlos Aponte, Kareem Iliya, Hiroshi Tanabe, Julie Verhoeven and Izak Zenou.

I made the budget-busting move of landing on Thames & Hudson's website full of art and fashion, design and architecture books. Fortunately, it's coming up to Christmas list making time for fashionistas. All you need. Right here.

A to Z of Yoga - the Onzie edit

Onzie ("OWN-zee") is my yoga wardrobe staple. For years, I have collected their capris, high waisted leggings, crop tops and tank tops. Not just because they look fantastic (essential for a fashionista yogini) but also because they stretch and move with you. You can do restorative yoga, hot yoga, power flow and still, they will wick the sweat rather than get sticky and uncomfortable.

Made by yoga lovers FOR yoga lovers.

If you are less about the downward dog and more about barre, pilates, dance or weight training - you'll want to get into the shorts and capris. Fancy, functional and fashion forward. The ultimate trifecta!

As dedicated yogis, the Onzie team have gone wild around Los Angeles, posing on rooftops, in backstreets, laneways and iconic landmarks of LA to show that yoga isn't all serious omming and aligning your chakra with your karma. Be inspired. Be curious.

Ode to the Maverick Fashion Twins Viktor & Rolf

I love quirky, edgy, strange and surreal. I love intelligent, rule-breaking, ferocious spirits that burn bright. So, it will come as no surprise that I love Viktor & Rolf.
I know you weren't expecting to read about haute couture here (yes, no leggings!) but I couldn't resist when I saw the pictures of Viktor & Rolf's ridiculous, amazing, funny and clever haute couture show in Paris.
Staged in a gallery, models appeared to be wearing the paintings - complete with wooden frames and paint-spattered canvas clothing. Rather than lurking backstage, designers Viktor & Rolf awaited the models on the catwalk to remove the canvas pieces and hang them on the wall! Thus, creating their own gallery. Check it out on their Instagram.
I'm thinking I might frame my yoga leggings and make some sort of psychedelic rock-poster-yoga-style gallery in my living room. It's art.
I can't afford to buy haute couture - so it may be the closest I come to Viktor & Rolf style fashion madness. I have loved them since they brought a model out with a pillow attached to her head and her hair spread out as if she'd just awoken Sleeping Beauty like from a trance. I got obsessed with
Flowerbomb. Remember the perfume bottle that looked like a glass grenade full of pink?
A photo posted by Viktor&Rolf (@viktor_and_rolf) on
It's the ten year anniversary so use this opportunity to go discover it if you haven't already. It's very sweet, very sparkly and yet it's in a GLASS GRENADE. It will look a treat displayed in my framed yoga legging gallery...
Flowerbomb @ Myer
Viktor & Rolf Website

Match your Yoga Pants with your Nails

It's as simple as the title suggests. I'm not going to tell you anything hugely deep and insightful. The world is a big, difficult and troubling place. But it's also full of tiny little joys and for me, nail polish and a kickass pair of yoga pants will make me ecstatic.

Find the little joys.

I do feel guilty over waving pom poms around when I find rainbow zebra print leggings (ahem, Dharma Bums!) and polka dot print with ROSES (thanks, Om Shanti!)... but really, if I am able to be so easily thrilled by something SO simple then I know I am blessed to be alive and to be me.

Maybe you find your joy in taking yourself for a coffee and people watching, or reading TV Week, or getting a pedicure, or watching that Disney movie for the 500th time... whatever it is, stop feeling guilty. Life is too short. And if there's haters? Well, haters gonna hate. This is how we roll!
Find your inspiration on Instagram - and then just try getting off it...
Om Shanti Clothing
Fifth Element
Dharma Bums

All Australian Activewear Shop Online

As we all know by now, I am obsessed with all things activewear. I could talk yoga leggings for hours. Don't get me started! I like a great fit, strategic pockets, fantastic colours and prints, and long lasting fabric and colour.
No oodles of zips or bizarre lace inserts, major brand logos plastered all over my clothing, and no need to mortgage the house to afford an outfit.

The wonderful and very savvy Julie from Be Activewear started her online store to "create a place where women could come to one place and find affordable, fashionable activewear and compression clothing," she says. "This would allow them to not only feel great working out, but to spend the rest of the day in their outfit without spending a fortune on it!"

Be Activewear offers a library of exercises as well as articles on healthy eating and maintaining a fit lifestyle for women. Proudly Australian owned, stocking Australian brands.

My recent additions to the activewear wardrobe include Ellebie Coral Jacket, Purple Full Length Leggings and Navy Frill Tights. I've also nabbed a Mandy BR Neon Orange XLong Tank!


Sea Sirens & Sustainable Sportswear - Eco Conscious Yoga Babes Listen Up


Teeki clothing is entirely the product of fabric spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles. It is then cut, printed and hand sewn using environmentally friendly practices. Did you know it takes over 400 years for a plastic water bottle fo fully break down? So rather than clog up the sea, strangling marine life and ruining our seas and forests, let's invest in brands that are making a difference.
Teeki Love The Adventure Yogapants
Funnily, I actually loved Teeki designs well before I knew about their eco-conscious credentials. They do mythic, magical, tribal prints that take spirit animals, planets and nature then spin them into figure-flattering, fit gear.
Their Buffalo Princess print is a case in point: we are majestic, we roam the earth wearing this crown of light. we illuminate the path of love.
As you all know if you know me, I do still have a very gothic sensibility about clothing and makeup. So the deer medicine print is a bit of an obsession now.
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Sea Siren Cosmetics

This Made in Australia nail and skincare range is vegan, cruelty free and 5 free (no nasties). It also has a bit of a pirate theme, which I'm totally on board with (boom, boom!)
Sea Siren Cosmetics Swarovski Nail Set

I am digging their marine-inspired collections as well as their covetable Swarovski Manicure Sets. In fact, as I keep reminding you, I will need travel-friendly grooming gear for my EUROPE TRIP (ahem!) so the Travel Set in purple is straight in my sack. You can indulge in full size or get a collection of minis if, like me, you want to change colours on the regular. My favourites are Great Barrier Reef, Buccaneer and the sparkly seductive Seaduce!
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All Black Yoga Wear Edit

You know I freakin' obsess over Onzie! So for my upcoming trip to Barcelona and Paris, I want to look Euro Chic in all black everything. I also want to be ready for yoga and barre at the flip of a Euro coin! I don't want to look like a sweaty mess on the Saint Germain though. Black. Mesh. Print. Dots. This is the All Black Edit.

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  • Black mesh, black magic print and the tri coloured black, silver and futura print leggings are all in my suitcase. I plan on doing yoga, barre and whatever other fun fitness classes Parisian and Spanish girls are loving. That's between trekking the beautiful streets of Saint Germain, Barcelona and stretching my pins while watching the countryside from the train from Barcelona to Paris mid-May. A girl has to invest in her fitness gear. You know it. I've even been super prepared by buying black sneakers to match  my outfit. It was necessary! The second pair? Well, that was just fun. Stay tuned for photos. 

    Five Foot Fierce Females in Flares

    So I love, love, love a flared pant. One that comfortably vacuum sucks to the thighs and then flares out below the knee to the ankle bone.
    So flattering.
    I'm talking somewhere between a bootleg and a jacked-up true seventies flare. Not that nasty big circus tent flare you might be fearing!

    Also? I'm 5"1. Yep. I'm short.

    Now, let me tell you what I hate. Anyone telling me I can't wear something, or do something, or be something, go somewhere or achieve something just because you can't, or didn't or won't.

    So, two things now. First of all, I can do, wear, say, be, think and achieve what I want to and if I don't, it certainly won't be for lack of trying!

    Secondly, I can rock flared pants like you wouldn't believe. And here's a whole lot of proof that short girls are freakin' hot, fierce and rocking fashion however, wherever and whenever they like. Rachel Bilson is 5"2 and the Olsen twins rock flared pants like goddesses and they are 5"0 and 5"1 respectively. Make it your mantra! Don't Tell Cat What She Can and Can't Do. Or Wear.

    Fifth Element Yoga Wear - From Melbourne With Love

    My new obsession! Melbourne made, designed for yoga by a yoga lover. Fifth Element is the design brand of the gorgeous Alissa, who has taken the time to answer my questions about her yoga wear and her yoga practice. Get into these leggings - they are amazing. My personal faves? The purple Lalitha full leggings!

    Alissa from Fifth Element
    Why did you name your brand Fifth Element?

    The idea for the name is based around the theory of five elements. It is said that we are an embodiment of 4 major elements of nature - fire, water, air and earth. And we are striving to balance these elements when practicing asanas. The fifth element is known to be space. Which I understand as being everything that we get in contact with physically and/or intangibly. 
    Fifth Element is a collection of items that aims to fill space of a yogi with colour, comfort and harmony! Each item is designed individually and hand-crafted in Melbourne with love and care, and charged with positive energy. 

    What is your favourite yoga style and how long have you been practicing yoga?

    I've been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and started with Ashtanga which taught me a great deal on discipline and helped me to build basis for further exploration. I still do Vinyasa Flows when I feel that I need to build up strength. But I much prefer yoga classes that are not routine-based, but more of a free flow sequences with focus on various types of poses each class. I'm trying different styles of yoga and enjoy learning new things. I mostly practice Hatha & Iyengar on day-to-day basis. But also amongst my favourites are - Anusara, Arial Yoga (yoga in suspended hammocks), Acro Yoga. I'm hoping to soon try the new Ballet Sculpt classes I've heard so much about!!! Excited!

    What makes a pattern or colour a definite must for your collection?

    I've always been fond of colours, textures and patterns. I collect and draw patterns all the time! For this range of Fifth Element leggings I focused on patterns that are complex and encourage observation, and yet flattering to body curves. I've tried to make this collection versatile with some patterns that are more graphic, some more folk, some more delicate, some on classic black background or tonal, some bright and patchy. In other words - there is a legging for any yogi! I've also got a lot of help on choosing patterns and feedback on testing the prototypes from my yogi friends. So it is true to say that Fifth Element leggings is designed, tried and tested by real yogis :)

    How often do you add or vary your range?

    I've only had one range so far, as Fifth Element is literally only 2-month old. I'm going to add new things/garments as I get inspiration. I don't want to tie myself with strict deadlines and range plans, as Fifth Element endeavours to bring joy and positive energy and thus designing has to be approached with creativity and passion.
    At the moment I'm prototyping simple crop tops/bras and tanks to complement leggings and complete outfits. I'm also planning to work on trans-seasonal cover-ups and autumn/winter type of yoga pants. 
    Like us on Facebook to stay in to date with the releases of new products! 

    Where do you do yoga in Melbourne?

    Oh heaps and heaps of great studios Melbourne has to offer! Some of them are - The Yoga Social, Breathe, Bridge Yoga, Yoga Corner, Union Yoga, The Yoga Lab, Body Flow Yoga, Vibes Yoga in Fitzroy - these are just a few of my favourites to mention!

    Favourite post-yoga cafés or juice bars?

    This is a hard question...Frankly, I tend to forget names of the places. The only one that comes to mind is a small Cafe Bambino in Docklands. This is not what you'd call healthy yoga food...but it is run by passionate Italian guy and offers the freshest and tastiest food I've even tried! Not to mention plenty of Italian speech on the background to make you feel like you are magically transferred to sunny coasts of Italy! 

    Where is Fifth Element available?

    Fifth Element leggings are sold at The Yoga Social studio on King street. And the full range (which also include canvas totes and meditation pillows) can be viewed and purchased from 

    Bear in mind that we can also create custom-made leggings to suit your body perfectly - special size, body length, curve, crotch-rise, or any other speciality - enquire via Facebook or 

    Fashionably Fit on a Super Budget @ MRP

    I discovered MRP through Instagram and I am addicted now. It has a great activewear range and it is AMAZINGLY budget friendly. Ain't no $99 yoga pants here.

    I've got racerback tanks, capris, leggings (gold pineapple print, anyone?) and socks/undies for the price of a couple of coffees. You must check this out if you're into your workoutwear but you don't want to mortgage the house to keep your wardrobe full!

    The Drop It Like A Squat tank and similar singlets are $9.60, capri pants $12.40, print leggings $17.80 and cheeky shorts either $5.60 or $6.80.

    I've done two orders now and both have arrived fast and fuss free - wrapped up and in perfect condition! Totally recommend you get shopping. You can see me rocking my MRP gear on my Instagram @cat13gram and follow MRP on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest