Beauty & Wellness October Obsessions

Who doesn't need stirrup barre pants, grippy ballet socks, one-piece leotards and flattering, high waisted capri pants in their life? WHO?

I discovered Zakti Activewear via a British Health & Fitness magazine and haven't looked back. Not limited to UK customers, obviously. They have done a brilliant collaboration with dancer Kimberly Wyatt. Ideal for barre, pilates, yoga and dance classes and - bonus! - you won't see 20 women with the same pants as you in class.

Research backs up the many health benefits of fish oil omega 3. It isn't naturally produced by the body and needs to be consumed, either through fatty fish, walnuts (ideal plant based omega 3!) or supplements. BlackMores Fish Oil is my daily joint, skin, heart, gut, muscle and overall wellbeing supplement of choice.

On the path of essential muscle, joint, bone, skin and gut health, did you know elite athletes and ballerinas take collagen supplements? The alternative is bone broth, but a tasteless collagen powder like GelPro Advanced Marine Collagen in your water, nut milk smoothie or even your acai bowl in the morning is an ideal way to boost your protein intake and feed your cells essential nutrients to build and maintain bone, muscle and skin tissue.

Recovery time demands magnesium. This mineral is present in most cell functions within the body so if you are stressed, getting sweaty a lot or post illness, you're likely in need of a magnesium boost. Taking capsules is okay, except that it's likely you're just going to pee them out rather than really benefit. If you apply magnesium as a cream, spray or even soak your feet in a magnesium salt bath, you absorb a great deal more and the massage effect has additional benefits. Go for pure, high grade stuff like Elektra Magnesium Spray & Flakes

Michael Kors Wonderlust because life is too short to stay in one place and also too short to not smell like heaven in a glass bottle. Plus...Christmas Is Imminent. Time to make a wishlist.

BYS Highlight Palette is my key to GLOW - like a beacon of beautiful good health and because a little bit of contouring (not Kardashian level everyday...) will always be welcome.

Sukin Shampoo & Conditioner because this organic company and their products are all about no toxins, no nasties, no animal testing. Also because it's affordable, Australian and gentle on your skin, scalp, hair and the earth.

My Froothie Blender is the B O M B. I can whizz up my protein smoothie in the morning (try roast pumpkin left to cool overnight with cinnamon, almond milk, big spoonful of marine collagen and a little shake of nutmeg) and also make a whole lot of raw food goodies like purees, dips, sauces and even mashed sweet potato and carrot/turmeric soup. Oh the endless possibilities! 900W or go home.

Last, but not least, my bathroom cabinet is a mecca of wonderfulness. At the ready every week is my Medik8 Clay Mask to nix the nasty stress/pollution and sweaty-face spots that occasionally appear. My nails always benefit from a layer of super glam - loving the cult brand Smith & Cult. Because it's a cult thing, and it's the goddess queen that is Kat Von D... on the daily, long lasting lip colour demands Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (either Lolita or K-Pop).

TRENDING FOR 2017: Fit fashion, Body Piercing, Wellness Cafes, Travel Fit and Eat Superfoods


There's a big trend towards travelling for fitness and holistic wellbeing experiences. Did it kick off with Eat, Pray, Love? Who knows...but it continues apace and the offerings get more and more intriguing, exciting and sometimes, ridiculous, every year. The beautiful thing is that whether you're travelling with a group of friends, your partner or family or you're a solo traveller, you'll find events, customised itineraries and experiences that appeal to your need for learning, seeing, doing and being all over the world.

Look for the Angkor Empire Full and Half Marathon in August 2017 for a road race around the Angkor temples that has previously attracted between 500 and 1000 participants. There's a Marathon Half Marathon, 10km and 3km Family Run to choose from.

Alongside local offerings including the Canberra Yoga Festival (#Canberrasana !) and Byron Spirit Fest, there is also Wanderlust Festival offering yoga, wellness and lifestyle inspiration all over the world year-round. Try New Zealand in and Oahu, Hawaii in February for a start. See The Byron Spirit Festival takes place in March 2017 offering tantra, dance, music and yoga.

Consider travelling to learn as well. Many people do their initial and ongoing Yoga Teacher Training overseas and this gives an excellent perspective on how yoga is a universal language. Perhaps you could do a language or cooking course also.
In Ubud, Bali (my favourite!) you can do Raw Food workshops and courses. You can even do your Raw Chef qualification if you schedule ahead. The school gets rave reviews on social media and Trip Advisor. Check out Raw Food Bali.
Find ways to travel and really immerse yourself in the local culture for the time you're there, whether it's a week or a year.


Multi-ear piercing is still trending. Thanks to the celebrity and fashion editor's favourite body piercer, Maria Tash, the trend continues for chic and neat piercings that sparkle up the ear, in and around it. Her choice of jewellery, as well as her finesse in placing it to best highlight facial features, is highly refined and speaks to the trends of 2017. Spiked rings say "I'm a little bit punk rock" but delicate and in gold, they also say "I'm also a businesswoman, a blogger-author-globetrotting fashionista".
Melbourne's own Sammah Chehade is a piercing guru and has a particular eye for knowing which jewellery size, style and placement on the ear or face will best bring out their features. She advises according to facial structure, hair and skin tone and your style preferences. I have entrusted her with both needle and gun piercings (see my article Can I Work Out After A Piercing? )and she is divinely comforting, calm and radiates joy and passion for her work. She's available for consultations on multiple ear piercings, facial and body piercings. You can reach her via email or on Instagram.


There is a growing trend in consumers wanting to know the ethical credo of their fashion. This extends to athletic wear and fit fashion. Is it fair trade? Is the cotton sustainably farmed? Are the conditions for manufacturers and workers involved in production overseen and audited by an ethics and fairness body?

Expect, as far as colours and style, to see more wild patterns, bold colours and plenty of green and pink if the Pantone colour predictions for 2017 are a reliable guide (and they are relied upon by fashion and design industry internationally so I'd be buying stocks!)

In that spirit, brands like Onzie that are proudly LA made and owned still float my boat. Their designs, campaigns and ethos are all about loving yoga, loving movement, loving fashion and being a traveller of the world. See their instagram for international ambassadors and global "Take Me There" inspirations.
Canada-originated yoga brand Lululemon ALWAYS brings it's top game to design. Sure, it's not going to attract your budget bargain bin buyer but this is gear that goes the distance and it is designed for performance. It is not just for yoga either - the customer service staff are thoroughly trained so if you go in and talk to them about what you do for training and lifestyle, your preferences around style and colour, you can be pretty sure they'll know exactly where to direct you. They also have a fantastic initiative which is weekly community classes where teachers provide a class at no cost in-store. A great way for teachers to connect with their local community and also for people to trial a class without the commitment of studio or gym fees. Pictured is the new Energy Print bra and leggings. Add to cart.


The rise of "vegan" as a key Search Engine Optimisation term will continue apace. Cassie Cross from Unique Health Products confirms "Australia's packaged vegan food market is set to grow over $60 million in value to reach $215 million by 2020. In fact, "vegan" is googled more in Australia than anywhere else in the world." Still, I am not vegan and while I think it has a very strong ethical basis, I fear that people are adopting a dietary approach that cuts entire food groups in the misguided belief that cutting entire these is a weight loss method that works longer than a week. The vegan approach to a diet rich in legumes, soy and plant proteins, grains and vegetables will hopefully inspire people in their approach rather than dictate it. While there are many foods which increase in nutritional value when heated (tomatoes, for example), I believe that raw, unprocessed and organic foods have a high "prana" value and this elevates my spirit when I'm preparing, sharing and eating my food. What's that mean, you ask? Prana is the "life force". Think about it. That gorgeous, ripe, organic kiwi fruit and big bowl of raw, organic walnuts are now sitting in front of you because they came from a seed, got rained on, absorbed sunshine and minerals and vitamins from the earth, and they were nurtured into ripeness right up until the moment that you picked them (even if i was out of a box at the market!). They have a story, an energy to them that fuels your body and your soul. As often as possible, try to eat raw, unprocessed foods daily. This might be a handful of almonds, or a bowl of cherries, or a fresh, green salad. As often as possible, grow your own herbs, veggies and fruit and go to local markets and organic grocers. Find a connection with your food.
"Seaweed is predicted to be the next big superfood," explains Cassie Cross. "It's full of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties."
The Whole Foodies is a locally based provider of good, nourishing foods including oils, nut spreads and a whole range of seaweed based products. Their site is an excellent source of recipes too.Check out The Whole Foodies.
I'm a total kelp noodle addict. Get on board that train STAT!

Turmeric shows no sign of abating as the herb du jour. This is as it should be - it is excellent as an immune booster, makes a sunshine coloured latte, and acts as a powerful flavour for rice, roast vegetables, curries and soups.

If you're at a total loss as to how to prepare meals beyond a poached egg and a pack of noodles, try a cooking school. Many local markets run workshops and on-site cooking schools by chefs and nutritionists now. A google search for "raw food" or "healthy food workshops" in your city should give you an idea of what's happening. You could also consider travelling to do a course overseas.


In Ubud, the divine Yoga Barn (loved by yogis and travellers worldwide) incorporates yoga studios, ayurvedic health practitioners, a restaurant, juice bar, dance space and overnight accommodation options all in the one mega-space. It does so in a beautifully integrated way that doesn't feel like you are trekking between one separate business and the next. This is an entire lifestyle offering in the once place. Just as health practitioners have become savvy and many doctors combine forces within one medical practice, so it will keep serving wellness businesses and individuals to combine forces and create easily accessible places that are holistic in nature. Myotherapy followed by pilates, shopping for  organic coffee and a pair of locally made yoga pants should be all happening under one roof. Will existing stores merge with local wellness practitioners and cafe owners/juice bars to run pop-ups before taking the leap? Let's hope so. I'd love to be able to do a Community Class at Lululemon and then sit around in a dedicated cafe space drinking juice and talking to the local fashionista yogis!

Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness, Fitness and Beauty Addicts

Who doesn't have that last minute panic of What On EARTH Do I Give Jane, Rosie, Steph...etc? Here's the simple, straightforward guide to what's out there that makes a great gift for the wellness oriented pals in your life.

Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate Nail & Palettes

It used to be very much that makeup and beauty and supplements were all about what you don't have, what you want to conceal, what you are deeply lacking and need to spend all your hard earned moolah on to ensure you are fulfilled.

In fact, many brands and media still push this idea.

Thankfully, there are some brands out there with a message that is really positive. Sure, they're still selling you things, but there is not that toxic message that you need this because you are inherently lacking and this is the answer.

The latest collection is Wine & Chocolate. Divine, of course! A full range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush and to-die-for nail hues in beige, crimson, grape, chocolate and ballet pink. I'm obsessed with nail polish in Chocolate and brightening blush in Pink Truffle.

Onzie Activewear

Made in LA by yoga devotees FOR yoga devotees. I have Onzie leggings and capris that I still wear daily after 5 years and they look exactly as they did when I first wore them. These aren't 3-wears-and-a-wash style activewear that quickly gets consigned to the donation bin. 
There's an all new collection just out for men and women - that's right! Onzie has a men's range and a children's range so you could dress your family, friends and workmates in matching outfits.

My hopes are entirely pinned on those leopard shaper leggings. A burgundy open back hoodie? I wouldn't say no, Santa.

philosophy Fragrance

Every year, philosophy releases limited edition Christmas bath and body goodies which are beautiful to look at and divine to smell. The tried and true longstanding favourite of mine and many others is amazing grace. The box features the philosophy behind the name and the fragrance and on opening, there's a little message: "believe in miracles".
I love being reminded of this each time I go to spritz it on and I do think to myself - be amazingly graceful!

House of Matcha tea

What an awesome discovery THIS has been! House of Matcha does high-grade matcha green tea. It is neon, kryponite coloured and the special set comes with a whisk, bowl and an easy-to-follow set of instructions for preparing your matcha. The preparation is key.
The limited edition gift set is the perfect present for the dedicated matcha lover or your friend, mother, daughter, husband who is all about wellness but hasn't discovered the deep joy of matcha green tea powder. I drink it as a tea and also use the powder as a seasoning for fish and vegetable dishes. I've also seen it used to flavour smoothies and chia seed pudding. Get creative! As they say, "800 years of Japanese practice and perfection" is pretty reliable.

Activewear, Yoga Pants and Accessories on Etsy

Are you a natural hunter? Could you be thrown into the wilds of the urban wilderness and hunt your way to coordinated pants, tank top and sneakers with ankle socks thrown in for good measure?

If so, trawling through the stock standard shopping sites for yoga pants is not going to give you the hunter’s high of “I FOUND THIS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!” which is so good for you!

This is where Etsy kicks in. Not only can you find gear that nobody in your neighbourhood is going to be rocking at the same yoga class, but you can talk directly with the owner/designer/maker and know you’re supporting an entrepreneurial spirit in their business.

Without further ado, my favourite Etsy yoga gear purveyors. Hunting for yoga gear has never been so much fun...

Lily Jara Leggings
Day of the Dead meets yoga pants? Heck, yes.
This is just one of the crazy fine designs from Lily Jara. She also does awesome 80s geometric rainbow patterns, balloon print, donuts and leggings with one side devoted to fries and the other to ketchup. Yup, this is fun and fabulous.
Mermaid leggings for adults AND their mini yoga sprogs? Definitely. Also, Lily is a super babe and if you’re in the Florida area, I’ll be hugely jealous that you might be hanging out and doing yoga in balloon print leggings together.
My pick is the sugarskulls print leggings and while I haven’t yet been to Mexico, I feel like I’m embracing the gothic culture of Dios De Los Muertes (Day Of The Dead) in these.
Lily Jara Shop

Funky Leggzis Clothing
Funky indeed. Peacock print, Mario Brothers, Alice In Wonderland, the Eiffel Tower. If you can dream it, you can wear it on your pins thanks to Angela at Funky Leggzis.
My super strong personal training client rocks the peacock print leggings while she slays some heavy duty deadlifts so these are not only for fashion – they’re totally fitness friendly.
Made in Hobart and shipped internationally. Check them out.
Funky Leggzis Clothing

Another super talented lady with a knack for leggings you’ll love. Ruta makes divine fitness and fashion forward leggings with sweet, hand-detailed designs.
I fell in love with the mini foxes but there are also bicycles, trees, panda bears and bird prints on t-shirts, leggings, baby suits and even decals for your Macbook.

Fashion Jewelry Online
I’m a bit of a sucker for an anklet, and so are the fashion pack judging by the recent spate of sandals and sneakers with built-in ankle chains! If you’re a pilates, yoga, barre regular, you know you are going to spend a lot of time looking at your ankles (ah, blissful forward fold!) so you may want to give them a bit of zazz with the bohemian, yoga and Buddhist-inspired anklets, bracelets and necklaces from the delightful Puspamurti in Western Australia.
Fashion Jewelry Online

Modern Homewares
The lovely Aussie behind ModernHomewares store on Etsy creates cute, covetable pillow covers, ironing board covers and – essentially for me – yoga mat bags. Yes, no longer do you need to wrangle your yoga mat under one arm and your handbag under the other while you attempt to get through the studio door without knocking over the Ganesh statue and upsetting the decorative bamboo by reception.
My pick is the orange and white chevron print bag. A sling-shoulder harness allows you to pack and go. Without the mess!


And if you are more about creating and selling than buying - you can sign up and become a shop owner immediately. Get sewing, knitting, crafting and snapping photos stat!

Geo Print Eco Friendly Yoga, Barre, Gym Gear

Pastel pink has been called the colour of 2016 by Pantone, the great colour gurus. This may be so, but as a Yoga Pants Guru, I'm seeing black and white geo print and I am loving it.
Loving it.
Because it's flattering when the angle and placement of the print aligns with your body shape, it can easily be coordinated with block colours and if you're more adventurous, other patterns. It can dial back the intensity of your more eye-popping colour choices, whether that's neon green tank top or aqua blue hair.

Back to Geo Print though. In particular, eco friendly activewear. The fabric and the manufacturing process have been carefully chosen to ensure least damage to natural resources and climate. I believe it's going to become more and more of a political, cultural and social discussion point for 2016 and onwards in the fashion industry. The ethics of our clothing and the imperative to spend more on clothing that meets a sustainability standard rather than throwing away money on 10 pieces of el cheapo mass manufactured tat that will fall apart, fade and tear within 2 washes.

I've loved Om Shanti Clothing for years. Every single pair of pants still looks and feels EXACTLY as it did when it first arrived. No amount of sweating, gym sessions, laundry and sun exposure has faded or stretched it. And it's still super bright. Cannot speak highly enough of Joel and Jackie Strauss who run Om Shanti and really live the message: be active, be good, be considerate of the earth and your footstep on it.
So hard to narrow down my favourites so lucky I've got a theme: the new Black Chakra print Performance Legging is AH mazing. Agreed?

I'm a new convert to Shift To Nature. This is a Australian brand run by the lovely Sonja. Her entire range is eco friendly from design to delivery. Fits like a glove, looks flattering and withstands hot yoga and CrossFit. There's plenty of pieces you can coordinate too. The prints complement one another and there are several pieces in the same prints so that you can go with full length leggings or hot yoga shorts. Lucky. Some days I haven't defuzzed and fake tanned and as we know, those are NOT hot yoga short days. My new favourites? The GeoTech Hot Yoga Bra, Pyramid Hot Yoga Bra and Geo Tech Eco Leggings. They will be featured on my Instagram. Of course! Stay up to date with new products and offers on Facebook:     Eco Active @ Shift To Nature

And last but not least, of course, make sure you coordinate EVERYTHING because it's the small details that can make you smile mid-class, workout or meeting.
Whether you go all fancy with nail art of some wonderful geometric print or just black, just white or a combo - embrace the spirit. Obsessed with OPI Alpine Snow ($19.95 @ Myer)

Pointe Studio Grip Socks Giveaway

Barre babes rejoice! Christmas may be over, but the gift giving doesn't end for you.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Pointe Studio - a boutique barre, pilates, yoga and dancewear treasure box that also sells the most comprehensive range of patterned and coloured grip socks you can imagine!

From polka dots to stripes, pink, orange, grey and name it, it's there.
What's the benefit of grip socks?

  • No slip grip - perfect for pilates, yoga, barre and BodyBalance (also, the loungeroom)
  • Protects your feet in the cold and in airconditioned spaces
  • Hides the pedicure you didn't have
  • Ensures that if you moisturised the night before class, you won't be sliding around

I have 8 pairs to give away.

All you need to do is follow my Facebook and Pointe Studio.

Leave a comment here telling me where you'd wear your grip socks.

Cross your fingers!

Competition ONLY open to Melbourne residents. 

How to Stick To Your Workout

  • Dress For It
  • Prepare Tunes To Get You Ready and Keep You Going
  • Be Accountable (Make Friends, Go To Classes)
  • Set a Routine
  • Keep A Class Timetable in Your Bag, On Your Fridge

Pictured: Nike sneakers, Onzie tank top (black), Pointe Studio "Sanity Not Vanity" tank, Pointe Studio grip socks, Om Shanti leggings

Dress For It
Just as you have a wardrobe for your work life and your weekend life, you need one for your workouts. This isn’t something to dread! This is the really fun part. Everyone from Dotti and Supre to Chanel has workout options so you are spoilt for choice. Spend on workout gear that will last through lots of washes, plenty of stretching and sweating without losing colour, elasticity and shape. My favourites are perfect for yoga, pilates, barre, BodyPump and then running around town to meetings and chores.
We can’t all live in sneakers (I try, I really do) but since you’ll be wearing them day in, day out – buy ones you love and that suit your activity. I used to think the Nike Free were a great alternative to thongs but in fact, they are great for low-impact workouts like BodyPump, weights, elliptical trainer, Spin and so on. I order from Eastbay because there’s a zillion options to choose from and if you order two pairs at a time (or hook up with a friend who wants to order too) the postage is worth it. For really flattering fit and eye-grabbing prints, my fave brands for yoga and barre workouts are:
Onzie (LA based yoga brand that is spot on for fit, colour and prints)
Om Shanti (always gets me noticed - can't go out in these without someone asking about them! Great prints, great cut, eco friendly)
Pointe Studio (if you love barre, you need this brand. Grippy socks and cute slogan tank tops are a must - equally good for pilates and yoga)
BrasilFit (some say Italians Do It Better, but when it comes to leggings and bikinis, Brazilians Do It Better By Miles)
DharmaBums (Aussie, Chic, yoga gear for surfer girls)
and DivaFit Sportswear (because who doesn't need sparkly mermaid print leggings in their life?)

Keep an eye out for a Pointe Studio barre/yoga/pilates grippy socks giveaway!

Prepare Tunes To Get You Ready and Keep You Going
I love SoundCloud. As I’m gulping down coffee and responding to emails in the morning, I’m also madly seeking new music to power my own workouts and my classes. I share what I really love on my own SoundCloud profile 
Some mixes you can download, but there’s an endless number of streaming lists and stand alone tracks. You might also subscribe to Spotify or Pandora, Apple Music or Google Music. Whatever your predilection, stock up on tunes that you WANT to listen to. Don’t feel you need to listen to grinding, ear splitting drum n bass just because you think that’s what you’re meant to run to. I have racked up my best times listening to Hole, Faith No More and even ABC Radio National Breakfast.
Attach your music to you. Carrying your phone around is bound to end in either losing it or damaging it. One dropped dumbbell and bam.
While out shopping for a hands-free car kit for my phone (one fine later...), I discovered Belkin ALSO do kickass fitness accessories. I snapped up the new Fitness Belt and Armband for iPhone (what chance did I have of refusal? It comes in pink!). The belt is a good alternative if you don’t like wearing an armband while working out and vice versa. The bonus with the belt is that you can also put your locker key, car keys and ID cards in your belt and feel secure knowing your valuables aren’t vulnerable.
Do you need those fluffy, furry Dolce & Gabbana headphones? Probably not. Find headphones or those behind-the-ear hooks for your earphones to prevent them constantly dropping out (so frustrating mid-run/weights set).
Be Accountable
It took me years of gym time before my curiosity and desire for more diversity drove me into a group fitness class. As someone who prefers to workout alone, it was a revelation to walk into a class (feeling totally intimidated!) and find that about 10 people wanted to help me set up, whispered little tips when I was doing things that were easily fixed, and cheered me on when I got through the tougher tracks. This is what got me addicted to BodyPump and later provided the catalyst for me to train as a BodyPump instructor and become a group fitness devotee.
No matter whether you thrive in communal situations generally or you’re a lone wolf, there’s something really uplifting about being part of a united effort if only for an hour a few times a week. There’s so many options too – from CrossFit to Yin Yoga, Latin Dance to Animal Flow to the classics of Step Aerobics and BodyPump.
Be adventurous – resolve with a friend to try at least 3 new classes in a month. It might be how you discover a class you become hooked on for life.
The other great thing about classes is that if you go regularly for more than 2 weeks, you’re considered a regular and people will wonder where you are if you don’t show.
 Introduce yourself to the teacher. Teachers love knowing your name and your reason for coming.
Feeling really adventurous? What about enrolling in a short course of classes in trapeze, circus skills or martial arts? The beauty of searching on Google!
Set A Routine
There’s no ideal time to go to the gym that applies to every single person everywhere. Just as there is not a single workout style and length that is uniformly effective. That said, establishing a routine is the best way to ensure you maintain your workouts. Especially when you first start out, or you’re returning after a break, having a set time and place helps. How?
You don’t need to wait for that elusive motivation to appear. It doesn’t. You just do it. Sometimes it feels fantastic, sometimes it feels like a grinding horrible never ending lifetime of yuck. But you do it and if nothing else, you’ll feel accomplished afterwards.
You don’t need an expensive Training Diary or 20 Apps to track your workout, calories, mood, sleep, heartbeat, bowel movements and whatever. A simple weekly/monthly calendar where you pencil in the classes you’ll go to is ideal. Put reminders in Google Calendar to pop up an hour or so before your workout or class so you can get your water bottle, your sneakers on and your hair up.
Preparation is key.
Pictured: Goodies from my new obsession, Ricky's NYC - so much makeup. So New York.
Not everyone advocates makeup to the gym. That’s cool. It’s part of my routine for getting ready and having a routine to prepare puts you into the mindset of “this is my routine, whether I feel excited about it or dreading it.”
I get onto Soundcloud, put on whatever I feel like listening to, drink my coffee (make sure you leave half an hour between last coffee and starting your workout – tummy will thank you) and then when I am suitably caffeinated and emails have been responded to, I put on my foundation (very fussy about this – since I’m gonna be sweating, it MUST not make me break out or melt into my clothes!) and lip colour. If I’ve got another 5 minutes to spare, I go all out and brush bronzer and highlighter on too. Life is too short not to make use of all the colours. If you are a makeup junkie too – I recommend mineral makeup and using lip stains or long-lasting rather than goopy gloss. Since it’s likely to blur and go shiny – don’t overdo the bronzer, blusher or highlighter if you’re doing that. Just between you and me, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, Dior Star and L’Oreal Lumi Magique are safe bets for no spots and irritation during and post-workout.

Keep A Class Timetable in Your Bag, On Your Fridge
Do I need to explain this? I don’t think so... keep a printed copy on the fridge or pinned up behind your screen at work or at home. Circle the classes you can make. Look up timetables online. Keep links to them on your desktop or phone.
Reward Yourself and Don’t Deprive
Not with food.
I am utterly and entirely against linking workouts to food. It’s just not mentally healthy to “allow” yourself A,B,C foods because you did a certain type or amount of exercise. You will hear people doing this all the time. Don’t buy it.
Working out requires adequate fuel and if you want to feel good generally and look good too, eat a variety of foods in moderation and go for vegetables, fruit and lean meats, seafood or whatever your protein of choice is as your staples. Don’t think you need to give anything up that you really like. Not even the half a bag of jelly snakes at 3.30. Working out and being fit isn’t about depriving yourself and abstaining from anything joyful. Equally, it isn’t license to eat like you’ve been locked up and starved for the past 2 years.
If you’re totally bewildered at how to eat well for your body – see a dietitian. Find an accredited dietitian on the DietitiansAssociation of Australia site. 
Get a manicure – you’ll be seeing those nails a lot while you’re lifting dumbbells.
Get a massage – looking after your body is essential to your wellbeing.
Buy another pair of leggings. Can you ever have enough?

All Australian Activewear Shop Online

As we all know by now, I am obsessed with all things activewear. I could talk yoga leggings for hours. Don't get me started! I like a great fit, strategic pockets, fantastic colours and prints, and long lasting fabric and colour.
No oodles of zips or bizarre lace inserts, major brand logos plastered all over my clothing, and no need to mortgage the house to afford an outfit.

The wonderful and very savvy Julie from Be Activewear started her online store to "create a place where women could come to one place and find affordable, fashionable activewear and compression clothing," she says. "This would allow them to not only feel great working out, but to spend the rest of the day in their outfit without spending a fortune on it!"

Be Activewear offers a library of exercises as well as articles on healthy eating and maintaining a fit lifestyle for women. Proudly Australian owned, stocking Australian brands.

My recent additions to the activewear wardrobe include Ellebie Coral Jacket, Purple Full Length Leggings and Navy Frill Tights. I've also nabbed a Mandy BR Neon Orange XLong Tank!


Yoga Wear New Prints Colours Shades & Designs

Two of my fave brands from the US both offer EASY, AFFORDABLE shipping to Australia and internationally, so don't think you can't get these fabulous fit bits on your fit bits.
Both Mika Yoga Wear and Om Shanti Clothing make clothing for yoga girls who are serious about yoga. Their yoga pants are built to move and to last.

They're also made to look amazing, feel amazing and stand out from the humdrum, boring yawn of black and the mega sportsmarket brands everyone else is wearing.

Mika Yoga Wear has just released the awesome Kaya Legging (High Waisted!)  in new prints. Check out their gorgeous campaign shot in the beautiful desert wilderness. I've got the neon green Kaya Legging full length leggings, the Blackberry capris and the beautiful Bluebee Print Ella Top.

Go to

Om Shanti Clothing is a totally new discovery for me and it is ROCKING MY WORLD! The high cut waist, the amazing fabric, but most of all...the knockout prints. Whether you love florals, animal print, galactic cosmic wonderlands or geometric designs, there is something to suit. I have the Pink Galaxy Aztec Cluster Power Leggings and the Navy Floral Power Pants. They are getting so many compliments! You must discover this brand. Super, super affordable to ship to Australia.

Sea Sirens & Sustainable Sportswear - Eco Conscious Yoga Babes Listen Up


Teeki clothing is entirely the product of fabric spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles. It is then cut, printed and hand sewn using environmentally friendly practices. Did you know it takes over 400 years for a plastic water bottle fo fully break down? So rather than clog up the sea, strangling marine life and ruining our seas and forests, let's invest in brands that are making a difference.
Teeki Love The Adventure Yogapants
Funnily, I actually loved Teeki designs well before I knew about their eco-conscious credentials. They do mythic, magical, tribal prints that take spirit animals, planets and nature then spin them into figure-flattering, fit gear.
Their Buffalo Princess print is a case in point: we are majestic, we roam the earth wearing this crown of light. we illuminate the path of love.
As you all know if you know me, I do still have a very gothic sensibility about clothing and makeup. So the deer medicine print is a bit of an obsession now.
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Sea Siren Cosmetics

This Made in Australia nail and skincare range is vegan, cruelty free and 5 free (no nasties). It also has a bit of a pirate theme, which I'm totally on board with (boom, boom!)
Sea Siren Cosmetics Swarovski Nail Set

I am digging their marine-inspired collections as well as their covetable Swarovski Manicure Sets. In fact, as I keep reminding you, I will need travel-friendly grooming gear for my EUROPE TRIP (ahem!) so the Travel Set in purple is straight in my sack. You can indulge in full size or get a collection of minis if, like me, you want to change colours on the regular. My favourites are Great Barrier Reef, Buccaneer and the sparkly seductive Seaduce!
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Sorbet Fresh!

Melbourne weather is so disappointing at the moment. So, I'm getting my sorbet sweet shades together to boost my spirits!
I highly recommend you dress in pinks and blackberries, sweep your berry fresh lippy on generously, nail it with an "Adrenaline Rush" colour and spritz on a super fresh scent. Go forth sweet ones!
Click on images below for more details and to whip out your credit card ;)

Fifth Element Yoga Wear - From Melbourne With Love

My new obsession! Melbourne made, designed for yoga by a yoga lover. Fifth Element is the design brand of the gorgeous Alissa, who has taken the time to answer my questions about her yoga wear and her yoga practice. Get into these leggings - they are amazing. My personal faves? The purple Lalitha full leggings!

Alissa from Fifth Element
Why did you name your brand Fifth Element?

The idea for the name is based around the theory of five elements. It is said that we are an embodiment of 4 major elements of nature - fire, water, air and earth. And we are striving to balance these elements when practicing asanas. The fifth element is known to be space. Which I understand as being everything that we get in contact with physically and/or intangibly. 
Fifth Element is a collection of items that aims to fill space of a yogi with colour, comfort and harmony! Each item is designed individually and hand-crafted in Melbourne with love and care, and charged with positive energy. 

What is your favourite yoga style and how long have you been practicing yoga?

I've been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and started with Ashtanga which taught me a great deal on discipline and helped me to build basis for further exploration. I still do Vinyasa Flows when I feel that I need to build up strength. But I much prefer yoga classes that are not routine-based, but more of a free flow sequences with focus on various types of poses each class. I'm trying different styles of yoga and enjoy learning new things. I mostly practice Hatha & Iyengar on day-to-day basis. But also amongst my favourites are - Anusara, Arial Yoga (yoga in suspended hammocks), Acro Yoga. I'm hoping to soon try the new Ballet Sculpt classes I've heard so much about!!! Excited!

What makes a pattern or colour a definite must for your collection?

I've always been fond of colours, textures and patterns. I collect and draw patterns all the time! For this range of Fifth Element leggings I focused on patterns that are complex and encourage observation, and yet flattering to body curves. I've tried to make this collection versatile with some patterns that are more graphic, some more folk, some more delicate, some on classic black background or tonal, some bright and patchy. In other words - there is a legging for any yogi! I've also got a lot of help on choosing patterns and feedback on testing the prototypes from my yogi friends. So it is true to say that Fifth Element leggings is designed, tried and tested by real yogis :)

How often do you add or vary your range?

I've only had one range so far, as Fifth Element is literally only 2-month old. I'm going to add new things/garments as I get inspiration. I don't want to tie myself with strict deadlines and range plans, as Fifth Element endeavours to bring joy and positive energy and thus designing has to be approached with creativity and passion.
At the moment I'm prototyping simple crop tops/bras and tanks to complement leggings and complete outfits. I'm also planning to work on trans-seasonal cover-ups and autumn/winter type of yoga pants. 
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Where do you do yoga in Melbourne?

Oh heaps and heaps of great studios Melbourne has to offer! Some of them are - The Yoga Social, Breathe, Bridge Yoga, Yoga Corner, Union Yoga, The Yoga Lab, Body Flow Yoga, Vibes Yoga in Fitzroy - these are just a few of my favourites to mention!

Favourite post-yoga cafés or juice bars?

This is a hard question...Frankly, I tend to forget names of the places. The only one that comes to mind is a small Cafe Bambino in Docklands. This is not what you'd call healthy yoga food...but it is run by passionate Italian guy and offers the freshest and tastiest food I've even tried! Not to mention plenty of Italian speech on the background to make you feel like you are magically transferred to sunny coasts of Italy! 

Where is Fifth Element available?

Fifth Element leggings are sold at The Yoga Social studio on King street. And the full range (which also include canvas totes and meditation pillows) can be viewed and purchased from 

Bear in mind that we can also create custom-made leggings to suit your body perfectly - special size, body length, curve, crotch-rise, or any other speciality - enquire via Facebook or 

Fashionably Fit on a Super Budget @ MRP

I discovered MRP through Instagram and I am addicted now. It has a great activewear range and it is AMAZINGLY budget friendly. Ain't no $99 yoga pants here.

I've got racerback tanks, capris, leggings (gold pineapple print, anyone?) and socks/undies for the price of a couple of coffees. You must check this out if you're into your workoutwear but you don't want to mortgage the house to keep your wardrobe full!

The Drop It Like A Squat tank and similar singlets are $9.60, capri pants $12.40, print leggings $17.80 and cheeky shorts either $5.60 or $6.80.

I've done two orders now and both have arrived fast and fuss free - wrapped up and in perfect condition! Totally recommend you get shopping. You can see me rocking my MRP gear on my Instagram @cat13gram and follow MRP on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest