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In this modern age of doing a variety of jobs and having multiple titles, I’ve followed what I really love and fortunately, have a talent for. This means I combine freelance writing with teaching Ballet Sculpt, barre, yoga and Pilates.

I'm a writer, with experience in magazine editing and writing as well as blogging at Core Integrity With Cat for over 12 years. I currently work in freelance writing for online and print publications, write content for brands and business, and blog regularly on health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle.

Writing & Content 

With a passion for books, writing, drawing and music, I was always destined to tell stories and communicate across a range of media. This culminated in my studying and achieving a Bachelor of Multimedia degree in 2004 from Swinburne University of Technology. I have worked in agency, private and government roles - both external and internal communications. My true passion is in consulting, freelance and creative work that doesn't require 9 -5 office duties. If you need a skilled, experienced writer and content magician, let's talk.


Ballet Sculpt

Ballet Sculpt combines my passions and skills in pilates, yoga, creative movement, strength training and personal training. The class is designed to increase awareness of posture and alignment; increase strength and flexibility; and to be a body-positive and fun experience: always.

I currently teach in Carlton and Richmond. I also teach Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates and BodyPump.

Cat Woods (Photographer: Steve Duff @ You In Art)

Cat Woods (Photographer: Steve Duff @ You In Art)