Cruelty Free Beauty

Now that the vegan lifestyle is no longer identified with kale-socks-and-sandals and anaemic hippies, there’s a growing curiosity and desire for products that aren’t made of any animal products nor tested on animals. 

Fortunately, there’s no lack of choice and quality in this area. Being vegan can be a challenge when it comes to finding sharp shoes, but when it comes to hair and makeup there’s a treasure trove of brands and products that are guilt-free. Where these brands are not 100% vegan, they are absolutely cruelty free.

INIKA is all organic, all natural Australian makeup. There’s a vast array of mineral eyeshadow shades, certified organic lipstick (Orchid Fields is the perfect shade of violet) and also offers mineral bronzer, foundation, illuminiser and blush. Prefer fluid foundation and in need of an eyebrow pencil? No worries, they’ve got you covered for that too.

Zoeva is high-end makeup (your budget will need to stretch a little here..) and there’s also a range of professional standard makeup brushes. In store, it’s available in Australia via Sephora but there are several online stores that stock it too. While the entire range is not certified vegan, the brushes are synthetic and entirely vegan and every product is 100% cruelty free.

Laura Mercier is entirely cruelty free and does not test products or ingredients on animals. None of their suppliers nor third parties test on animals either. Because Laura Mercier is cruelty free, their products are not sold in China, which requires animal testing on makeup by law. Here’s a hint too...if your favourite brand (perhaps one that has Miley and Lady Gaga in their ads?) is sold in China, there’s a good chance it tests on animals and won’t be ceasing this any time soon.

Kat Von D makeup is not only a cult range fronted by one of the most beautiful, tattooed goddesses on the planet but also entirely vegan.  The liquid lipsticks (especially Lolita) are raved about by makeup artists, instagram makeup stars and beauty lovers internationally. The liquid eyeliners and palettes are one of the top sellers at Sephora both in the US and Australia. While buying Kat Von D makeup won’t guarantee the perfect cat’s eye look, nor that you’ll turn into a 6”4 punk rock goddess, it will allow you to get a small step closer to the dream.
3ina cruelty free beauty

3INA is a Cult Beauty Brand. Three words to send shivers of excitement down the spines of mascara loving maidens and lipstick lovers. 3INA (pronounce it "MEENA") launched in Melbourne in 2016 with stores in Melbourne Central and Soutland. Professional quality Euro-made makeup that doesn't cost your weekly wage. Guaranteed cruelty free, super bold colours and unique collections. The latest UV collection takes on a nightclub attitude under UV lights where it goes all disco under the lights. I love the richly pigmented pink and purple mascaras especially. The Chubby Highlighter is better than two espressos for disguising no sleep. 
elf cosmetics cat woods blog

ELF is the super budget friendly vegan brand you can depend on for all the basics as well as the bells and whistles products. From foundation to concealer, eyeliner to blusher, bronzer and lipstick, ELF products commonly fall into the under $20 basket meaning you can live guilt free and debt free after stocking your makeup cupboard. Beautiful. Literally.

Purple Lilac Mauve - Be A Rebel Flower

Rihanna wore a particular purple lip gloss a week ago and it sold out almost INSTANTLY! Purple lips are not easy to pull off, but with some prep and playing down the rest of your makeup look, it can be seductive, sweet or even...subtle.
Maybelline Orchid Ecstasy
Firstly, apply a base lip liner colour to ensure your deeper purple colour doesn't bleed and to give it some hold. My go-to is Napoleon Mauve Minx (David Jones) because it has a hint of lilac but is very pink-based and can safely go just beyond the lip line.

Then it gets fun. There are so many amazing purple shades to choose from but here are my favourites.
NYX in Power and Immortal from the Wicked range. SUPER cheap and super high quality. The chain store buy that makeup artists love. Trust me, I've asked! Find it at Target for under $10.

Maybelline Rebel Flower range is all about purples: mauve, lilac, orchid, royal purple...oh it's heaven! My picks are Orchid Ecstasy for a bolder purple, or the sweeter, pinky Lilac Blush. Available at Priceline.

Keep your eyes shimmery or matte but pick shades of pale beige, coral, gold, copper or peach. My favourites, and my daily obsession is shu uemura. Their pressed shadow refills are compact, collectible and I double the pale coral shade as both an eye and blusher colour. Cost per usage believers, unite. Find the whole colour range at David Jones!

I'm also new to the Napoleon Radiant Reflections Eye Color but totally loving it for some gloss and glimmer. Again, David Jones is your go to.

Finally, sweep on something illuminating on the cheeks like Laura Mercier Pink Shimmer Bloc (so luxe, so lovely). Online or in store at David Jones, go for a blushy-lilac chic shade on the nails like Essie Go Ginza (Priceline) and go break some hearts.