Chakras: could you tune in to 100% better performance?

Don't roll your eyes! I know you are! I am going to try to convince you that you can think about chakras without coming across as an incense-scented, tie-dye wearing new ager.
In fact, considering your chakras might even get you tighter abs, faster running times and a more peaceful sleep. Here's how.

Ascribing a colour to specific areas of your body means you need to actually identify that part of your body and focus on it. Eastern medicine and philosophy has long held that different areas of the body hold a relationship with particular feelings and energy.

The "Brow Chakra" located at the top of your head, for example, is associated with your sinuses and also your ability to be creative and intuitive.

Could your chakras make you a better athlete? A better yogi? I believe it might and isn't that worth trying?

I'm not going to ask you to imagine shining coloured lights emanating from your insides...but I do want you to try something.

Pick one of the "Chakras" from the image here and note the colour and where it is located. 

Close your eyes and try to focus on that area - whether it's your heart, your brow or your tummy.

Think about the colour that is associated with that area and just sit and focus on it for 2 minutes. 

This is an exercise in mindfulness meditation. All you need to do is hone in on an area with the sole target of thinking about the colour and how specific areas of your body feel and act.

By noticing whether you're really uncomfortable or tense, or really restless when you focus on one area in relation to another, you can tune in to whether you're unwell, injured, stressed or even peaceful, calm and happy!

Being able to sit in quiet and actually "tune in" to your body allows you to understand it better, to love it more, and to appreciate how incredible it is in keeping your heart beating, your brain functioning and your muscles moving.

Even if you're doing the colour visualisation on the tram, walking the dog or during an ad break - don't underestimate how much mindfulness can enhance your sense of peace, calm and control of your environment and your body. Try it when you're running - maybe associating different colours with areas of your body that are under pressure like your lower legs, your back or your neck allow you better control over how you're moving, holding your posture, directing the strike of your foot...