Flying High & Taking Off

This last couple of weeks I've been seriously thinking about the option of teaching and training for a living overseas. I've always been excited by the idea of living and working in a foreign country. When I stayed in Ubud a few years' ago, I met many Americans, Australians and Brits teaching yoga and pilates in Bali. It isn't necessarily a lucrative lifestyle for many, but living in a beautiful location where food, leisure and accommodation are cheap and exotic? The lure is strong.

I have no experience with moving my life to another country so I'm currently reading Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off (Allen & Unwin) for all the nitty-gritty details of how to navigate starting a new life in Bali, Thailand and Spain. I don't expect to be leaving for any longer than a year when it finally happens, but I do want to spend an extended period overseas during my 30s - writing, teaching and sucking up the culture and atmosphere!

While I'm here, just dreaming of exotic and distant lands, I will be "flying high" and treating myself as IF I'm living in a resort. Here's how:

Dressing for yoga classes in tropical, lush, outdoor studios! You know I'm obsessed with Onzie. Their new range is "Flying High" and it is my favourite so far. Beautiful tie-dye prints in saturated shades and the fit is 100% flattering. The best part is every piece is designed BY yogis for people who DO yoga. You can bend and flex into any position and you will be fully supported by your outfit. I've got the kickass leggings pictured above and they fit like a glove. Want to know what really makes my day? I have found a matching nail polish shade! OPI Cement The Deal is from the 50 Shades of Grey Collection.
Onzie on Instagram

Use gorgeous, divinely scented spa products - turn your bathroom into an international resort and retreat there post-work for a pick-me-up. No queuing, no appointments, just treat yourself. My favourite new finds are Elemis and Bliss. The cleansers, masques and treatments for face are BEYOND compare. Elemis is salon-quality and can be found at 5-star spas with highly trained practitioners OR you can buy it and deliver perfect skin all by yourself at home.
Bliss is a cult range from the UK with body scrubs and butters that get raved about from here to Timbuktu. The packaging will make you smile too. Super bright, colour-blocked geometric shapes with big, blocky typeface that confidently beams at you from the bathroom cabinet saying "USE ME."

So, join in in smothering your limbs in Orange & White Pepper body butter, lathering up in a resurfacing face mask, getting into lotus pose in your Onzie leggings and crop, and cracking open the first page of "Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off" and let your imagination set flight.