Facial Massage Technique

Nichola Joss from Sanctuary Spa (Covent Garden, UK) is famous for her facial massage technique. Before you dismiss the idea, consider how much benefit a massage does for your muscles post-exercise.

 Now think about the fact there are around 50 muscles in the human face and it takes 26 to smile! It's amazing how relaxing it is to gently knead out the muscles around your jaw and cheeks too. Great to relieve puffiness, dullness and I find it also helps when feeling tired at 3pm.
Thermal Detox Mask

Elle UK magazine reported of Nichola's facial:
"Nichola ain't gentle, but she sure as heck gets results - my skin is clear, taut and glowing - I will definitely be booking in again. One visit will see your face toned and taut for about 5-7 days, with regular visits you'll soon have long-lasting, sculpted, facial contours (a godsend for anyone whose muscles have been weakened from too much botox, Nichola tells me)."

Here's Nichola's tips for the most effective method (I recommend Sanctuary Spa 5 minute Thermal Detox mask and the Jojoba Company Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion)

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

"After cleansing, exfoliating and applying a mask or corrective treatment, the lymphatic drainage massage
Jojoba Company
process starts with small circular motions using the fingertips, working from the centre of the face outwards and upwards, and drawing the thumbs down the sides of the neck and under the ears to stimulate the lymphatic system. Then using deeper massage movements for drainage and also to de-puff, de-stress and relax the muscles. Working on the inside of the mouth, I massage along the inner jaw line to the back of the jaw, up and under the cheek bone area and around the massater muscle and along the upper lip line. This helps to tone and firm the muscle tissue."