Purple Reign: Paranormal Power

From my nails to my shoelaces, I am smitten by purple. Suitably, it is the colour of royalty and it suits everyone, whether you are a soft lavender lady or a dark, aubergine goddess. Nobody does a powerfully pigmented lipstick like Illamasqua so I am thrilled to add two new shades to my palette: Posture and ESP from the Paranormal range, just released! Illamasqua Australia on Facebook.

“The Paranormal collection was inspired by unbridled kinetic energy, spectral light and transcendental emotional forces. The things we can't explain, that we can only feel, the place between dreams and reality; the door of perception is open and is beckoning you through, step into the light!”

Creative Director, Alex Box

Illamasqua Posture and ESP
In honour of royal purple, and being paranormally powerful, I encourage you to whip up a purple power smoothie. Fresh berries are fabulous, but I actually prefer frozen berries for extra thickness! You can substitute the acai berry for cacao powder (raw chocolate). Packed with antioxidants, this is a beauty and body tonic for royalty. computer and net not happy this morning.

Berry Smoothie
Paranormal Purple Smoothie

 1 cup greek yoghurt
 1/2 cup acai berries (frozen or freeze-dried)
 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
2-3 teaspoons stevia for extra sweetness!

Method: Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. This tastes so exotic, you’ll think you’re drinking a cocktail!