Beauty and style doesn't fade with age

Iris Apfel
Generation Q
Generation Q has arrived! No, it's not some new demographic you need to roll your eyes at. This is a style - a fashion and beauty mini-revolution. As you know, I am addicted to cult Brit-brand Illamasqua and if you haven't ALSO heard, they have radically slashed prices of their products in Australia after a people-power campaign. The release of Generation Q is nicely timed with the release of a book by Ari Seth Cohen that celebrates New York's most stylish "grand dames" or..."ladies of a certain age". His blog, Advanced Style, proves that you don't need to put a purple wash through your locks and wear a lilac jogging suit into your senior years. He did a gorgeous feature on Iris Apfel (zany writer, designer, muse and fashion icon, RIP!) recently - highly recommended for all ages. My advice? Ignore the number and embrace the colours and fabrics and patterns you love! My personal fave from Generation Q? Lippie in Underworld (iridescent purple - yum)! Find Illamasqua on FB and come share your style tips for any age with me at Core Integrity With Cat!