Help! Carb craving and coffee withdrawal!

I have been set a challenge! And I don't need to sweat to complete it. Love. So here it is: "let me know if you come across any good idea for snacks that are not chips but satisfy carb cravings, I'm cutting down on coffee (little bit) and my hands keep reaching for chips"

Here goes my advice.
Roasted chickpeas
Grated ginger
  • Excellent that you are cutting down on coffee! Me too. It gets easier. Your appetite doesn't suddenly go up and down like a rollercoaster after a few weeks.
  • Stay hydrated. If water isn't fun enough - grate some ginger, pour boiled water over and leave to cool...add to water bottle. Easy! Or, try cucumber, lemon, lime...
  • Omega 3 fatty acid supplements have been shown to reduce carb cravings - if you don't want to take capsules (fish oil/flaxseed oil), make sure you're adding avocado to your lunch, eat a handful of raw walnuts mid-afternoon and NOT the salted kind!
  • In Safeway, I have spotted snack-sized bags of roasted chickpeas. Low calories, healthy and YUM. Did I say yum? Seriously. Get on that train.
  • Don't buy the chips. Just don't. Avoid that whole grocery aisle if you need to. Do not fall for the ridiculous protein bar thing - high calories, disgusting flavours that mimic chocolate - be adventurous! Wasabi peas? I once added wasabi paste to a vodka shot. That'll clear your sinuses super fast. Anyway...
Here's a recipe for roasted chickpeas that is super fast and easy (involves garlic and paprika: you KNOW it's good)

Avocado sandwich
Turkey and avocado sandwich, you know how to make one!