The Great Outdoors

I had a great morning - walking in the sunshine and some sun salutations in the park with the smart and entertaining Vetti. Melbourne is a bit stingy with sunshine, but she came good today. If you're usually an indoors exerciser, why not pick a day to challenge yourself and take it outside? Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorbtion and muscle growth. Plus it makes you feel good, breathing in air that you're not sharing with an open-plan office. Next time you're at the park or even at the beach, think about how you could use what's around you to make your own workout...

Walking lunges
Walking lunges - just 10 paces thrown in here and there and you've made your average walk into a major glute-toning workout. Easy. Make sure you're not lunging forward. Your front knee is directly in line with your ankle as you lunge down. Keep looking ahead to avoid toppling over!

Bench step ups
Step ups - never will you fear a park bench so much as after you've done this! Go for 20 alternating at a brisk enough pace that you're not waiting between switching legs. And FULL foot on the bench when you step up - of course.

Bench push-ups
Bench push-ups - the higher, the easier. But this is a great point to challenge yourself with some shoulder-width-grip tricep push-ups.

Two steps at a time
Take two steps at a time up a staircase. Glute burn. You'll know what I mean...