Beauty Foods: The Recipes, The Aussie Skincare Brand To Know & Fake Tan Tried & Tested

Every year at around this time, beauty and fitness experts make their predictions for what will be trending in the next 12 months. I won't bore you with my magical predictions but I will champion some trends that have begun this year and will pick up pace into 2018 because they work.

Beauty Supplements are nothing new - Hair, Skin and Nails tablets and capsules have been around forever but now the trend is for wholefoods, herbal and protein rich powders that can be added to smoothies, infused in water or diluted in juices. Elle McPherson brought out her own brand, The Beauty Chef has her own custom blends and now Vita-Sol have brought out a range of wholefood powders. Each blend combines organic superfoods, traditional and ayurvedic herbs and plants with pure protein to slow down the ageing process. I've been taking the Infinity Blend (vegan, gluten free) with collagen powder and almond milk every morning. I also take Swisse supplements for skin and liver function.

Eating for health, strength, muscular and joint integrity and with an awareness that our skin, hair, nails and overall beauty is inherently the result of how we eat, move, sleep and work. I think the whole "clean" eating moral judgements on food is toxic, don't get me wrong. But there is a lot to be said for choosing foods that we love and also have nourishing properties for our bodies: unprocessed veggies, fruits, seafood, meat, legumes and a moderate amount of coffee (working on that!). I've been luxuriating in Beauty Food by Lola Berry. Recipes are below.

Every day I try to take a moment or several to remind myself I'm very fortunate to live in a time, place and in circumstances that allow me to take care of my body and my mind with freedom. I shower, I moisturise, I dress and I appreciate that for all the criticisms I've had of my own body, it is mine. I live in this skin, I've grown up in this skin, this body is much more valuable than I sometimes remember. I treat my shower and moisturising and makeup and dressing each day as a ritual of preparation for living. As a way to look after my body because she does a lot for me. I've been using new Australian skincare from Olive Oil Skin Care Co. The Rose Geranium Body Wash and Citrus Revival Body Butter smells gorgeous and the packaging is divine.

This time of year it gets super hot, super fast. As someone with naturally pale and an inability to naturally tan (straight to red!) I fake it. My parents have had multiple skin cancer scares and I don't have any desire to risk it. Plus prolonged sun exposure is ageing - I don't need that. I've used a zillion tanning products and there's only a few I truly recommend because they are streak-free, completely natural looking, easy to apply and they don't go all streaky and uneven as they fade. The pick of the pack is absolutely Bondi Sands (Ultra Dark please) and Eco Tan by Sonya Driver.

Recipe Time. Get Beautiful From The Inside Out (Happy Thoughts Will Radiate From Your Skin Like Sunbeams)

Recipes and images extracted from Beauty Food by Lola Berry, published by Plum, RRP $24.99, available now. For further information visit:

5 Best Self Tan Must Haves for Golden Skin Status

Remember the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Remember Twisties? You don't want to look like you just rolled around in their chemical cheesy powder.

You want to look bronzed, beach ready, naturally like you've stepped off the sand in Ibiza. There's so many products out there. Here's my tried, tested and best.

Fake Bake Flawless: I was first introduced to this by a friend from the UK who said she would never trust ANYTHING else! She was right. The professional-level mitt included in the kit is fantastic. Applies evenly and you can see the colour it will be straight away.

St Tropez Dark Spray/Mousse: streak free. No nasty chemical smell. Works overnight. Kate Moss fronts the campaign. This is a long time fashion editor favourite. Totally reliable.

J Bronze Medium Tanning Mousse: Jennifer Hawkins knows her stilettos. She also knows her self tanning products, fortunately! She does a killer range of gold-packaged self tanning cream, mousse and specific face formula. Totally dependable for next morning bronzed body.

PureTan Spray/Mousse: Need to be bronzed NOW? PureTAN is the salon-level range that is all the rage for gym bunnies. If you are new to self tan, try the Gradual Tanning lotion with SPF to build up over a few days with daily application.

Mecca Cosmetica Sunless Goddess Tanning Lotion: If you haven't used self tan before and you want a really natural, long lasting glow, this is it. So easy to apply and so natural looking. If you're a bronzed goddess of many years, this is also a great top up that is nourishing and gentle on skin.