Ballet Sculpt 1 minute move

Can't make it to class? No worries. Do this pulse move for one minute minimum and ideally keep it going until you can't maintain technique. Squeeze your glutes. I mean it!

Start in plié position, heels raised and pressed together.Squeeze your butt cheeks together, get down, P U L S E.Step forward, pulse. Step to starting position, pulse.Step to 2nd, pulse.Step back, pulse.Keep going.Keep going.Keep...on...pulsing.

Burn at the Barre (or Chair, or Kitchen Bench...)

I'm often asked what resources I recommend for my barre, pilates and yoga participants when they're on extended holidays, travelling or just working irregular hours that mean a consistent class attendance just isn't gonna happen. Without fail, I always recommend Sadie Lincoln from barre3 and the divine, funny, challenging and inspiring Tracey Mallett who posts regular pilates and barre videos that enable you to workout at home.

You don't need a barre - the back of your chair will do the trick. Try this one. If these attitude "in-out-tap" moves don't give you the burn, I will fall onto my barre-toned bum in amazement.

Bring Sally Up Challenge

Core Integrity With Cat Bring Sally Up
I discovered this on YouTube, the place of many fitness discoveries!

What is the Bring Sally Up Challenge?

Press play. Get up, get down and keep it going for the Whole. Track.

Some are going to squat, some will do push ups, some will lunge (good lord...) and WE are going to plie in second for...the...

Here is Suzanne Bowen doing it. I recommend practicing because we'll be doing this in Ballet Sculpt for the next week. See you there.

Is there a particular reason I need to post this? No. Just a whole lot of extremely attractive Euro guys doing push ups for the Bring Sally Up Challenge. Consider it motivation!

Top 5 Youtube Yoga Videos

I can't emphasise enough how joyful and important it is to go to yoga classes in person when you can. Being in the company of others, sharing your space, hearing other people breathing, the room warming as you all move together, it uplifts the soul. It's yoga.

But! Accepting that travel, work, health and other commitments make this difficult, having online go-to videos is an excellent backup. It is also a really smart way to augment your practice, so that if you are focusing on achieving handstand or you want a different perspective on how to get into poses, you can find a teacher who speaks to you.

You need a mat, enough space to swing your arms and legs around beyond the mat, and access to water if you need it.

Yoga Flow 
45 Minutes
Dynamic vinyasa flow with a fabulous instructor from Yoga Vine.

Down N Dirty Dog Dives
2 Minutes 11 Seconds
Niko does a Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svavasana) variation that is super tough on the triceps and will appeal to advanced yogis. 
Follow up with his Plank Variations.

Headstand For Beginners
7 Minutes 7 Seconds
This isn't all fun and games! There's a pan flute. Having warned you, this is an excellent way to explore headstand if you haven't done it before.
This got me into headstand for the first time. Truly. Kudos to you Ananda Yoga!

Sophie from Ananda also talks you through Crow Pose for Beginners. Also an excellent guide.

Super challenging Vinyasa Flow
60 Minutes
Love Leigha's creative sequencing and her calm, well paced movements and teaching voice. Try it.
45 Minutes
Another Leigha video - this one is a little less advanced and allows you to enjoy Leigha's creative class without feeling lost in a pose that is too challenging.

Build toned, defined and sculpted arms

I wrote this initially for ninemsn Honey but sadly, it was tacked on to an article about using fake tan and illuminator to fake toned arms. Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 would not buy it.

Nothing fake about strong arms. This is how to get the "Real Deal". You'll need 1 - 1.5kg dumbbells and some determination. I recommend Kanye West, Beyonce or Rihanna for a bit of "determination" via Soundcloud!

Try these simple yet effective arm-toning exercises from personal trainer Cat Woods. She recommends doing them three times a week either at home or the gym:
Tricep push-ups
#1 Assume a plank position on your knees, and imagine drawing the belly drawing back in toward the lower spine.
#2 Position hands slightly wider than shoulders and ensure that the arms stay hugged towards the rib cage as you lower and raise.
#3 When lowering, make sure elbows travel back towards the toes and that the upper arms brush against body.
#4 On the raise, push hard into the palms and try to maintain a long, strong back.
"Lower down as far as you possibly can and push all the way back up until your arms are straight," says Wood. "With practice, you’ll be able to lower deeper and keep your belly braced for longer sets."
Start off by doing a set of six, resting, then repeating two more times.
Tricep kick-back pulse
#1 Hold a 1kg dumbbell in each hand.
#2 Standing with feet hip distance apart, bend the knees and sit the hips back into a squat. Lean forward from the waist at 45 degrees, keeping the spine long and being careful not to round the back. Focus on pushing into the heels to also work the bum and thighs.
#3 Reach the arms back straight, slightly higher than the torso and giving the shoulder blades a little squeeze.
#4 Make tiny pulses upwards with straight arms, counting to 20. Then, with arms still extended, pulse the weights towards each other for another count of 20.
#5 Release arms and come up to standing. Do this another two times.
"The beauty of these is that they require small weights, very little movements and yet the results are stronger arms, great muscle tone and you have also targeted upper back and core," says Woods.