Burn at the Barre (or Chair, or Kitchen Bench...)

I'm often asked what resources I recommend for my barre, pilates and yoga participants when they're on extended holidays, travelling or just working irregular hours that mean a consistent class attendance just isn't gonna happen. Without fail, I always recommend Sadie Lincoln from barre3 and the divine, funny, challenging and inspiring Tracey Mallett who posts regular pilates and barre videos that enable you to workout at home.

You don't need a barre - the back of your chair will do the trick. Try this one. If these attitude "in-out-tap" moves don't give you the burn, I will fall onto my barre-toned bum in amazement.

Best Ballet Sculpt Moves For Thighs and Bum

Not just to gain that sculpted muscle that looks fab, but to ensure you are strong from every angle and really challenging the biggest muscles in your body to be fired up, able to endure and support great alignment, posture and balance.

Thigh Stretch: Kneeling with knees directly under your hips. Shoulders back and chest open. Without tilting your hips, maintain a straight line from top of the head to the knees as you lean back to 45 degrees. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and eyes ahead! Hold 2 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Plie in 2nd: Whether you use a barre, or a chair, or a desk for support, make sure you are only holding lightly. You want your body to do all the work! Bend at the knees and make sure your knees are in line with your middle toes. At the lowest point, your hips are in line with your knees and your knees are directly above your ankles (don't stand too narrow!). Avoid hunching forward. Raise and lower in a straight line for 20, holding at the bottom for 2 seconds. Extra challenge? Raise your heels the whole set.

Frog Press: Lying on the mat, bend your knees and take them wide. Keep your heels locked together and toes pointing outwards. Press your legs out straight at 45 degrees then return. Make sure your lower back doesn't raise off the mat! Repeat for 10, rest for 30 seconds and do another 10!

Frog Press Reverse: Lying on your tummy, take your legs out wide and bend your knees. Keeping your knees wide, lock your heels together and flex your feet. Without raising your head, squeeze your bum to lift your thighs off the mat and hold for 2 seconds before returning. Repeat 10 times, rest for 30 seconds and repeat again.

Warrior 3 or Arabesque: Pushing into every edge of the foot, make sure you are standing firmly then reach forward with the arms as you raise one leg to hip height behind you. Hold for 10 seconds then return. Swap sides. Repeat on each leg 3 times.

BODY BEAUTY TIP! Bare your legs and arms with pride. After a shower, generously spray Vaseline Intensive Care Spray (Fragrance Free) all over. No dry elbows and heels happening here! Buy it at Priceline.