DIY Manicure and Pedicure - Hello Yellow!

I know some people love getting their manicure and pedicure done in a salon, but it's just not for me. I'm not a fan of making small talk or sitting around being forced to listen to other people making small talk!
I also like throwing on a back-to-back TV series for binge watching, or putting on a long, intriguing podcast episode and flicking through the latest international Vogue editions while I'm waiting for my nails to dry.
I also don't mind getting into a headstand during nail drying time. Not something you'll see encouraged in your suburban nail salon.

Having said that, I only discovered CND through a salon and it is awesome. Along with OPI and Orly, I have a new go-to nailpolish label.

I managed the long, difficult task of choosing my colours (it had to be Vinylux because it promises to stay the distance: one week, no chips...your time starts now.)
No base required. The colour coat goes on, followed by the Weekly Top Coat and you're all clear to go lift weights, exfoliate like a madwoman, peel oranges, garden and grab stuff without needing to remove and reapply only days later. Phew.

Because life is too short for boring nails, I went with Bicycle Yellow and Sultry Sunset.

Also, because life is too short to smell like anything other than fruit and spices and flowers, I couldn't skip the wash and moisturiser in Black Cherry and Nutmeg. This is my full home spa experience after all!

I've got the 100% soy candle burning (Lux 400, made in Victoria!), the latest Vogue Italia (hey, it's free! My local library recognises a fashionista magazine addict and indulges me), my nail polish remover, Nurse Jackie Season 6 and a big plunger of coffee. And some free carpet space for headstand. Just in case.

If you are not able to paint inside the lines, or you want to be pampered, you can find a CND Spa via their site.