Holidays, Allspice, Lemongrass and Pumpkin Pie

I know it's typically Christmas fare, but I'm all for indulging in what you love WHEN you can. As soon as I could get my mitts on Frankincense and Allspice scent from cult UK scent house Molton Brown, things got festive in my little corner of Melbourne.
It got me thinking about my favourite scents and which holidays they are best suited to. However, just like style meister Iris Apfel or the genius Karl Lagerfeld, you must insist on your own creative vision and taste. If, like me, you want your bedroom to smell like allspice ALL THE TIME, go forth my Christmas angel. Whenever you like. Likewise, who doesn't love a pumpkin and spice candle in the deep dark depths of winter when it is most definitely not Halloween in Australia?

Lux 400 make high quality, pure soy candles. No nasties clogging up your space here. Be very wary of el cheapo candles. Opting for natural soy wax and all natural fragrances is going to be your healthiest, wisest investment. It also ensures a longer, more reliable burn time.
While Lux 400 are not holiday specific, this is excellent. You can pick one, or like me, decide you love them ALL and have one for every mood and season! Try the Candle Cocktails Trio box or the Travel Tins to ensure you can indulge all the flavours you love. Totally crushing on Lemongrass & Persian Lime.
Glasshouse have released a limited edition Halloween candle that smells like scrumptious pumpkin pie. So, so good!