#Snoopette : Cat Woods

I’m Cat Woods [@cat13gram] and I author Core Integrity With Cat, teach barre, do some freelance writing and editing, and I’m also doing my yoga teacher training at The Yoga Social in Melbourne CBD. I have been doing yoga for the past 15 years and it is the one thing that remains a constant passion in my life, besides writing, and I know I will never know everything or master every aspect of it. I love that. I will always be a student! Being a writer and a barre instructor means I am not confined to conservative fashion or beauty. That said, I don’t feel like myself with a full face of makeup or shunning makeup completely out of some idea of yoga Puritanism!
I had terrible acne as a teenager and went through two courses of Roaccutane. It cleared up my skin, but it made me extremely conscious of using products that genuinely hydrate, cleanse and nourish skin as opposed to stripping it of natural oils or clogging it and causing spots. My favourite brands for skincare are natural and I flit between using different ones from day to day and week to week. I love Kiehl’s toners and eye creams. Thalgo does great cleansers and serums. At the moment I’m using their Foaming Marine Cleanser (smells ocean fresh) and Hydra Marine Serum. I also love a weekly exfoliation with Goodness Every Week Facial Scrub. It’s a new range that is all about chia seeds. Smells fab and the pastel coloured packaging makes me smile.

I am all about a great sports massage, even though it’s so expensive, which is why I figure if I’m teaching and talking for work – why can’t I find a facial massage therapist? So I did my Google research and contacted the most highly rated Australian facialist, Jocelyn Petroni for her local recommendation. Jocelyn only works in New South Wales, but she said there was no other option than Valli Shubere if I wanted the ultimate facial massage. Valli operates from Herbario and has been doing herbal beauty and health for over 30 years. Valli, Marcel and herbalist Vito Cozza take traditional European Botanical Medicine and apply it to internal and beauty treatments. Unlike most, the herbal preparations are totally pure and potent. It is a little like being pummelled – I won’t kid you, it can hurt to have your cheeks and jawline massaged when you’re a typical tooth-grinder, but it is worth it for the glow you get later. Valli does nutritional assessments and programs too but I haven’t tried these.

I am all about nail colours since I am looking at my fingers and toes all the time as an instructor. I love OPI and Orly in particular. They have great colours and they are paraben, sulfate free with cute names. Especially loving the new Purple Palazzo Pants. I also love Orly Nailtrition as a paint-on treatment for broken, brittle nails that have seen too many colour changes and too much remover! It gives a really shiny, glossy finish too. I paint it on while I’m binge watching The Americans or Game of Thrones.

Daily, I wash and tone then after a few espressos, I apply L’Oreal Lumi Magique because it’s the perfect shade and it lasts through my workout and class without caking or dripping or clogging my pores. It is lightweight but it covers any redness.
I am all about the glow so I love Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls applied with a big brush. I’m an amateur but I know how to wield a brush when it comes to blusher and bronzer. Definitely not with a heavy hand! I don’t spend a lot on brushes. The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection is available in chemists and beauty shops. It looks much more expensive than it really is! The Flat Contour Brush is my most used. It’s super soft and does triple duty on bronzer, blusher and highlighter.
I love Lancome Blush Subtil in tawny 011 Brun Roche as a bronzer. I sweep it from the top of my ear lobe under my cheekbones then apply a bit of blusher (Urban Decay Afterglow in Crush for true pink or the paler ballet pink of Youngblood Mineral Blush in Zin.
I love lip colours and I find them in my glovebox, my bathroom, my loungeroom, under the bed, in the kitchen, falling out of my iPad carry case... literally, I have lipsticks, lipliners and lipglosses everywhere. I’ve just discovered Bite Beauty from Canada. They do food-quality, all-natural lipsticks that are highly pigmented so they last through a lot of talking and coffee. My new addiction is Luminous Lipstick in Cassis, a deep fuschia.

I find that my eyes get red and sensitive if I wear much eye makeup beyond a simple slick of liner. I don’t make it a regular habit, but I do indulge in eyelash extensions a few times a year because it means I look glammed up without having to do anything! If I’m careful not to use oil-based cleansers and don’t fiddle with them, they last around 3 weeks. I am super fussy about where I get it done though because I don’t want any messing around near my eyeballs! I go to The Lash Beauty Bar in North Melbourne. Aniya started this tiny, gorgeous salon a few years back and has since introduced massage and facials. I had a massage there years ago that was wonderful, but now I’ll just go for lash extensions on the rare occasion. When I flutter them in the mirror, it reminds me of classic film actresses of the 1930s and 40s. theatre actresses and ballerinas.. That big, dramatic eyed flutter that says ‘I’m costumed and I’m bold. Bring on the stage.’

Onzie Ahimsa Tank Top
Having said that, I am not able to be anything or anyone other than entirely myself when I’m teaching. I don’t become any louder or stricter. It’s not a performance, after all. I am really fortunate to share my love and knowledge of pilates and body awareness, barre, dance and soon yoga too. I love it. I love doing it, I love researching and choreographing, practicing and correcting and empowering people to feel flexible, strong and balanced.

Since I spend every day in gym clothes, I have amassed a wardrobe of outfits that is like a rainbow of lycra. There are some $10 Kmart singlets in there but mostly it’s OmShanti , Onzie, and Mika Yogawear for leggings and crop tops.
Purusha People Leggings
I have also just discovered Purusha People for mermaid print, iridescent, highly original yoga pants and there’s also some amazing iridescent, very Australian Gothic “Black Opal” leggings at DivaFit.

Finally, my unruly and naturally curly (but mostly just frizzy) hair responds best to the Pureology brand. They don’t use sulphates, parabens, lots of preservatives and chemical ingredients. My poor scalp reacts to most products by getting dry, itchy and flaky. So I’m careful to stick to what I know works! My latest haircare addition is Pureology Serious ColourCare Strength cure Cleansing Conditioner– it leaves my hair soft and non-greasy or heavy. Smells divine.