The Call of Summer : Australian Made Swimwear

Australian owned, designed and made, The Call of Summer is not your average mass-produced, all-things-to-all-people range of swimwear.

Their philosophy is that imperfection is to be embraced, not disguised. Authenticity in action , thought and fashion matters! And, as their website attests, “a pushup bra should not be worn to the beach. Ever.”

Call of Summer bikinis are designed for women with small cup-sizes, but most importantly women who EMBRACE their small boobs! A lot of bikinis, tanks and one-pieces on the market have extra padding built in. This is great if you intend to fall on your small boobs and want to bounce back up again, but your body is gorgeous, healthy and strong the way it is. There’s no need for padding at the beach.
I’ve just added the Lucy bra and Willow pants to my wardrobe. I’ll be wearing it to the pool, but also out and about when it gets steamy. The details on the Lucy top are gorgeous under a tank top!

I have a scar from the hip surgery in September that I’ve embraced. It is a reminder that my body is masterful at healing. It’s part of my body and my story.
The Call of Summer

 The Call of Summer

Having said that – you can be authentic and still prepare to be your BEST authentic self! When it comes to bikinis, I hit the self-tanner. Bondi Sands Foam in Dark does the trick overnight.

Do NOT accept dry heels and unpolished feet. You’ll see them on the beach and on the mat during your yoga and Ballet Sculpt classes and they will make you sad. I am freakin’ LOVING Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream. Smells like summer! 

If it rains, I highly recommend getting into your bikini and doing a crazy disco dance to Ministry of Sounds 80s Mix. Yes, Tainted Love and Garry Numan. Yes, "Don't You Want Me?" by Human League. There's 4 CDs of awesomeness. Get it at Ministry of Sound.