Back Strength 101

It is not uncommon for new participants of my class to say to me "I have some back issues", which is typically followed by, "but it's no big deal."

It is.

The old-fashioned and ineffective method of dealing with a sore lower back in particular was to say "rest up, Jane! Don't strain yourself." Let's crawl out of under that rock and embrace the healing powers of resistance training to actually STRENGTHEN and activate those back muscles so that they can support your weight whether static or moving.

Pilates is a great way to train for balance, alignment and body awareness. So is lifting weights. Here are my top moves. For technique, ask a trainer to show you! If this isn't an option, look up these moves on YouTube and seek credible guides to form. Women's Health magazine online is a great resource.

  1. Dead Lifts with either a bar or dumbbells
  2. Back Flyes with dumbbells
  3. Reverse plank 
  4. Superman lying
  5. Superman in kneeling position 
  6. Lateral Pulldowns
  7. Side Plank
  8. Goblet Squats