Nailed It! 90s Rock Goddesses

The 70s disco meets Talitha Getty boho fabulousness is still going strong on the runways in Europe and most likely in the upcoming Melbourne Fashion Festival. But the 90s grunge is good, stompy boots, crop tees and leggings look is still going strong.
I recently read Kim Gordon's "Girl In A Band" which took me back to wearing tie-dye petticoats, fishnet tights, Doc Marten boots, dyeing my hair black, purple and blue and listening to Nirvana, Hole, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos.
It also reminded me of the insanely inspiring riotgrrl movement, spearheaded by Kathleen Hanna of punk band Bikini Kill (and later, Le Tigre). Lady is the bomb. She's got a website where she showcases her artwork, writing and music. Check it out.

Further proof the 90s are still ruling fashion and beauty right now are the new Rimmel Velvet Matte nail lacquers. Velvet dresses, skirts and flares are not for the meek hearted (or anyone with hips) but I'm all over the matte nails look! Scout Cosmetics (also 5-free so no nasty chemicals!) has a line of nail colours nmed after epic 90s anthems. So, for fun, I matched up my fave 90s punk rock girls with the nail polish colours I'm coveting. Which one is your fave?

Kathleen Hanna Do You Take Lei Away OPI
Tank Girl Never Tear Us Apart Scout Cosmetics
PJ Harvey That's Hula-rious OPI
Melissa Auf Der Maur Sumptuous Red Rimmel