#Flawless Skin: Retexture, Resurface, Rebuild

I am guilty of loving the feeling of scrubbing my skin clean with a handful of exfoliator. It feels like I'm really scraping off any "dirt" and renewing my skin.
Lancome Ambassador Elettra Rossellini

In FACT, scrubbing the skin with harsh microbeads (as most exfoliators are packed with) is both:

  1. terrible for my skin
  2. terrible for the environment

If you are prone to blemishes, skin discolouration, redness and also if your skin is exposed to sunlight and smog daily, then you're actually just damaging and weakening it by treating it with harsh scrubs.

As for the environment? Those microbeads wash into the ocean or the ground and because they're built to last - often from miniscule plastics - they remain solid. This has been shown to damage habitats and also choke or poison smaller wildlife.

But, back to your skin.

The skin naturally exfoliates itself through a process called "desquamation" where dead skin cells come to the surface of the skin, where they are shed and replaced by new skin cells. This process slows with age, and the dead skin cells cling to the surface of the skin, which can give the effect of dull, rougher texture. Harsh exfoliants are NOT the answer.

Rather, use high-quality, targeted treatments that will remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover and renewal. You also want to use products that build collagen and infuse your skin with vitamins and cell nourishing minerals and hydration.

I have a longstanding love affair with Kiehl's. Their dermatologically tested and produced skincare is high-quality, smells divine and is packaged like old-style apocathery products. Try their Over-night Biological Peel. I also totally recommend blitzing any wrinkles and fatigued eye area with Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream with the ingredient du jour, copper. Also contains caffeine - tightens, nourishes and protects.Kiehl's Australia

If your skin is your prime investment, and it should be considering you're stuck with it for life and loving it is vital, then I also highly recommend getting your paws on Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Night Creme. At just over $150, it's not cheap, but you'll notice clearer, fresher, firmer skin after the first night and it lasts for AGES.

If you're wondering who Elettra Rossellini is (pictured above), she's the model daughter of actress and Lancome model, Isabella Rosellini. Both have flawless skin. Just sayin'.
Lancome Australia

Also luxe, if not as hugely well known, is Thalgo. Their range specifically for men is Thalgomen and has a targeted eye treatment to address puffiness and dark circles. Get it for your man so that he keeps his mitts off your products! Thalgomen Anti-Fatigue Serum For Eyes.
Thalgo Australia