Up and At Em Sunday!

There's plenty you can do in your loungeroom (hotel room) if you've just rolled out of bed and the idea of picking a gym outfit is bringing tears to your eyes.
You can put your own music on.
You can have a coffee between each set of exercises.

The reason for squatting against a wall is to perfect your technique. Make sure you keep your shoulders back against the wall and keep your abs "switched on"!

Add some push-ups and star jumps to get your heart rate up and your chest and arms will also get a good tone-and-shape.

Set your phone timer for 5 minutes on each different exercise and KEEP GOING until the alarm rings. If you can continue, set it for another 2 minutes at a time.

If you are in the market for a gym outfit, I've tried and tested like a...fitness professional? 
Here are the must-haves.

KOS*USA: This is a US Yoga brand that makes killer pants. The bootlegs flare just in the right spot, the piping twists in such a way that your thighs look leaner, shapelier... it's masterful. I swear by their bootleg pants. If you like your print/unique capri design for aerobics followed by pilates, you'll love the Galaxy Print capri.
They wash easily, they wear well, no fade and they ship here from the US in a super fast turn-around time.
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