Paris, Almond Milk L'Occitane, Barcelona and Healing

Pont De Barcelona
Whatever your situation now - thrillingly wonderful or dismally down - we all need something to look forward to.
Lying in a hospital bed is an excellent time to consider priorities and what I'd previously taken for granted, or delayed, or thought of as a distant dream.
In my teens and twenties I was often mistaken for French or Italian - must be the dark hair or the big teeth!
My nan was a part-time Melbournite, part-time Francophile. She spent a large part of her life in France and lectured in French. While my high school French definitely won't impress anyone, I have always thought I would find a spiritual home in France. So, next year I'm going to Paris! I'm also going to go to Barcelona. Gaudi's amazing architecture, the dancing, the food! I know Alex will help me with speaking more than six Spanish words too. Beso!
I am doing the planning and booking right now - early bird flights.

Tonight, I'm indulging in a classic fashion and Euro moment: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Delightful. I'm also drinking coffee post 5pm.

But my biggest indulgence is L'Occitane En Provence Almond Milk body products. They're French! And they smell so incredibly, addictively good. Even REAL almonds don't smell this delicious. Since my poor thigh has been swelling during the healing process, I'm not expecting miracles with the "Shaping Delight" but I'm willing to give it a go!

Since you may not be floating about the Champs Elysees next year, gift yourself at least something French! It will also go to supporting the L'Occitane Foundation.