Meet Grace McClure, Ironwoman, Mum and Ballet Sculpter

I meet lots of amazing people through teaching Ballet Sculpt and last week I was very fortunate to have Grace McClure in on of my Ballet Sculpt classes. Grace has had to modify her training due to a shoulder injury so she is foraying into the world of pilates, yoga and core-strength based workouts.
As an IronMan triathlete and ambassador for Liv Giant and Can Too, Grace is super busy and extraordinarily fit. I mean this in both the physical and mental sense as endurance sports are just as mentally challenging as they are physical. Hours upon hours of training, whatever the weather, takes a level of determination and desire that appeals only to a minority of athletes.

Grace has worked in modelling and television presenting, both of which have strict expectations of a lean and 'made to sell product' physique. Endurance sports also favour an extraordinarily lean physique. Both of these factors made me very hesitant in promoting Grace as an inspiration to my blog readers, but to her endless credit, Grace and I discussed my concerns and she was very honest in having dealt with body image concerns in the past. She is also very aware of balancing her training to ensure adequate recovery and allowing her motivational speaking and ambassadorial work to take priority along with her athletic achievements.

A genuinely loving, generous and conscientious woman, I am already a big fan and look forward to following Grace's blog and all her achievements, whether in Ironman or as a mother and author. Please check out her website and follow her on Twitter. She is also Director of Rural Organics, a business that consults and provides accreditation for organic products and education in organic and bio dynamic farming techniques.