Methodology X

Nothing beats reading health and fitness magazines while on the elliptical trainer. This is how I discovered Dan Roberts, master trainer and founder of Methodology X

"sculpt your model body in a healthy, athletic, and holistic way. All you need is a gym ball and a base level of fitness." - Dan Roberts

Even though Dan works with many models, this is not a magic-pill style workout promising to make you look like Gisele Bundchen. This is a brilliant workout system for building core strength, balance and including a whole range of really different moves.

Dan understands the benefits of training with body weight resistance and awareness of intensity and length of training sessions. What I love is that he keeps the workouts short, progressively more challenging, and very much about strength and body awareness.

You download the book and as you progress through the chapters, you can watch video guides for each workout. It's easy to follow and at any point, I can go back and revisit earlier workouts when I need to dial back the difficulty level.

My favourite moves are the Spiralizer and Diamond Push-Ups. Do it, and share your progress with the MethodologyX crew on Twitter and Facebook!

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