Love Your Lower Body - Sadie Lincoln (+ free barre3 workouts just for my readers!)

I love Sadie Lincoln - if you haven't discovered her barre3 workouts, I highly recommend her 10-minute for the time-challenged and the longer workouts when you can.

Sadie has just released "Love Your Lower Body" - a fabulous, hard-back book promising an 8-week plan to sculpt and strengthen. More than just pretty photos, there are
  • fresh, balanced recipes
  • picture guides to toning, sculpting moves
  • the science behind small movements
  • a personal journal to record your progress
  • a holistic guide to embracing a healthy body and lifestyle
While Sadie uses a "barre3 core ball" - you can pick up a similar item from Kmart or Big W from the sports or toys section. They are often with the pool toys!