Inspired - Food to Nourish Body and Inspire the Senses

So, if you've been following my blog, you'll be aware of my past battles with an eating disorder and the fact I still have battles to overcome.
I'm definitely not happy about it, but when I get anxious I tend to eat...and eat....and eat. My weight has gone up about 8 to 10kg and I'm struggling with that, but I also know that this is not about what size I am. I need to work out ways to feel anxious and know it will pass!
I also know it is really important to challenge the way I eat.
In Bali, I did power yoga and totally forgot about coffee and ate three meals a day. It sounds simple but it was new to me! I haven't felt so thrilled by nutritious, ANTI-DIET food since Bali until now.
Living and working in the inner north, I'm super lucky to be near Good Freakin Food in Abbotsford. The beautiful Jacq designs and delivers vegan meals and smoothies to individuals and workplaces. I highly recommend you subscribe to the newsletter. RAWTastic salad anyone?

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