Reader Inspired to Fitness!

Dean and I met when he was an employment advisor to me. He became a regular reader of my blog and when we recently met up again, I couldn't help but notice how much fitter, healthier and happier he looked.
Dean has shed 15kg but most importantly, he has educated himself on the healthiest ways to cook and prepare food, exercise in a way that doesn't feel like a chore, and have the energy for work, life and setting up his new home. I want to thank him for providing his tips and this photo.
Main reasons for success -
  •  Eating healthy breakfast every day - For me cereal and yoghurt with fruit
  •  Ensuring I bring lunch to work every day
  •  Eating smaller portions - less meat & carbs, more fruit and vegies.
Exercising -
  •  Playing basketball twice a week
  •  Joined a gym - mostly focused on bike and cross trainer (lower impact - less chance of injuries) and weights - low weights and high intensity, ensuring heart rate is up while doing weights.
  •  Once I had increased fitness base and lost weight, I have started running, building up to a 10 K fun-run this coming Sunday. Started running about 6 weeks ago with a 4 km run, and am increasing the distance with one run over the weekend, while doing a shorter high intensity run (3-5km) once during the week.
 The effects have been noticeable. Physically I have lost weight, dropped clothing sizes (needed to buy lots of new clothes!), and am feeling much fitter. Energy levels and overall motivation have also increased.