Not a Crime to Look Fine

Confession! I wear concealer and a bit of eyeshadow to the gym. I also wear it to the supermarket. Because there are a lot of amazing colours in the world and it's fun to play with them. I'm not deeply insecure. I'm not trying to pick up. It makes me feel good to take care of how I look - so it was a surprise to look at a survey in a women's fitness magazine that had many respondents saying they would judge other women who wear makeup to the gym negatively. Why? Shouldn't you be focusing on your starjumps? What do you care if I'm baring a pimple or bothering to conceal it?

Then, when teaching a class yesterday, I noticed that one girl had a massive hole in the front of her tights and a tea-stained T-shirt. Now, nobody else cares, but I think part of the fun of exercise and living is embracing fashion and the practical accessories that go along with living a fit lifestyle. Investing in Manolos is one thing, but investing in sneakers that will 
a) protect your feet and joints
b) get you through any and all environments at speed and injury-free
is TRULY a wise expenditure! What else is?
Having had acne as a teenager, I am super-fussy about my skincare. I swear by philosophy 3-in-1 Purity cleanser (David Jones) and Garnier or Kiehl's BB creams. Also love Laura Mercier concealer or Revlon's Photoready concealer (no breakouts - love that!)
I can build a workout wardrobe around Kmart or Target $8 black leggings (cropped OR long - every Melbourne day is covered!) but sometimes it's fun to lash out and reward my hard work with more expensive, but long-lasting and tech-savvy designer sportswear (look for Nike, lululemon, Running Bare sales and outlets)
Here are my latest (INVESTMENT) purchases and sure, you can find cheaper options, but these will do the job AND last long-distance because the quality is undeniable.

 Nike Lunarflash Trainers - pink is not a necessity but I just couldn't help myself. Eastbay

Oscar Mimosa Purple/Black capris - because matching your workout gear to your lipstick is a true skill. Manicure/pedicure in the same shade is even more savvy. I've seen it at Kew last week and I'm still delighting at the level of chic! My Escape NZ

As a philosophy obsessive, I am excited that the whole range of shower/skincare/scents will be available at David Jones. My favourites are the Purity cleanser, Cinnamon Buns shower gel and their limited edition Christmas products (sparkling cranberry!)