Feel The Fear...And BOSU Anyway

We're all guilty of just wanting to do what we know - inside and outside the gym! But discovering a new way to move and challenge your strength, stability and endurance is how you'll change how you look AND how you feel.
So be an intrepid gym bunny (or seek out a BOSU at your local sport or discount store)!
On that note, I have just started reading Dr Susan Jeffers "Feel The Fear...And Do it Anyway" and I'm determined to apply that mindset as broadly as I can. Come with me.

The BOSU looks like a half-ball and it is intended to provide an instable surface so that you are forced to use your core stabiliser muscles (abdominals, glutes and back) to maintain your balance. BOSU Squats: you can do these on the round or flat surfact of the ball

 Single Leg Extension: Pull your belly button towards your spine, slightly tuck your chin and extend one leg at a time
 Back Extension: Lying with your belly over the round side of the ball, pull your belly button to your spine and raise your chest. Fingertips are either side of your face and keep your elbows back, shoulders slightly contracted towards the spine
 Lunges: Front foot either on the round or flat surface of the BOSU, ensuring your front knee and ankle are aligned. Your back knee moves in a STRAIGHT line up and down

Mountain climber: Gripping either side of the flat surface, keep your body in a plank position. Without raising your hips, pull one knee towards your chest, sucking your belly in. Alternate legs. Keep your eyes ahead and avoid dropping your head down!