Skin goodies: Gym/sweat friendly and skin lovin'

Ok, shh.. just between you and me (and Google?), I invest in a prescription Vitamin A cream. It is proven to blitz blemishes, plump up and soften wrinkles, and purge the pores. About $40 and it lasts for months.
Sanctuary Spa
Vapour Beauty
If you want the best from the shelves though? Sanctuary Spa has brought out a kickass range - Deep Cleanse. I've got the "Exfoliating Pore Refiner" and "Pore Refining Toner". Available at Priceline!
You want organic, really flattering colours and concealer/foundation in EVERY POSSIBLE matching colour? I've just discovered Vapour Beauty. I SWEAR by the Illusionist concealer! Why? You can wear it to the gym - it won't clog pores! Love. Hello perfect skin
I also use the multi-use blush as a lippie. Lasts for ages. Secrets revealed. Don't tell anyone xo