Escape Bland Sportswear!
It may sound trivial, but there's something deflating about seeing three other people wearing the same gym outfit as you. And nothing says, 'I worked hard, I deserve it!' like a fresh, new gym outfit. I recently came across my escape - and the best part is, they currently have a sale on exclusive brands so there's no time like the present to deck yourself out in amazing colours and flattering designs.
From bikram yoga, pilates, running and dance - find your perfect outfit. My picks?
Wellicious Flexi band shorts

Miss Yoga tank
Wellicious flexi-waistband shorts in pebble grey and Miss Yoga tank in aqua. I know they'll go from cardio circuits to BodyPump to yoga and best of all? I won't see anyone else in them (unless I decide to go to Pump in New Zealand...)

Go to MyEscape (did I mention a SALE?) and also visit their Facebook site!