Embrace Imperfection

Illamasqua Imperfection
I saw a poster up the other day that said "Strive for Progress, not Perfection" and I thought - hell yes! Because what is perfect?
I used to hate having curls, freckles and felt self-conscious about whether having defined muscle meant I didn't look feminine... but actually, I LOVE those things now.
So - I was DELIGHTED to discover the new Illamasqua Imperfection collection (you all know I'm an Illamasqua fanatic!): the idea is they want you to highlight the features other brands encourage you to cover up. Because life isn't about finding yourself, life is about celebrating who you really are. So I'm not going to cover my freckles, or conceal under my eyes or any of that business. I'm going to wear the colours I love and know that for every person who finds a flaw in me, there will be 2 others who think I'm amazing!
Favourite picks of the collection:
Illamasqua Speckle
Nail Varnish in Speckle!

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