Those Buns Are Lookin' Saucy!

Killer buns
I know, I know. Corny. But if one of your jive-talkin pals said this to you (with an awestruck stare, hopefully), you would be thrilled. Don't deny it.
As well as giving you buns of steel, working your gluteus maximus, medius and minimus assists in
  1. improving your posture
  2. protecting your pelvis and hips
  3. protecting against back pain and improving existing aches
  4. burning lots of energy (kilojoules) WHILE you're working them AND afterwards!
Hello summer christmas pool parties without a pair of knee-length shorts! Here are glute bridge variations for the home or the gym.
  • Keep your feet in line with your hips
  • Brace your abdominals, drawing your navel in and upwards
  • Raise the hips, squeezing the glutes until there is a straight line from kneecaps to collarbone
  • Think about the back of your neck being long - as if you're holding an orange between chin and chest
  • Press through the heels and only try the advanced variations when you have mastered the basics!
Glute bridge

Glute bridge toes up

Glute bridge walking