Fit Prescription for Radiant Skin

I'll have what she's having!
Your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle (and genetics)- here's some advice on looking more luminous than Christmas lights!
Start with your nutrition - no need for cleanses and detoxes. Your body is an amazing machine that naturally cleanses and detoxifies itself. Put down the expensive bottles of "detox" formula and make some good choices instead.

  • Eat plenty of vegies and make sure you are including all the colours: green, red, orange, yellow, white (go easy on the starches like potato though!)
  • Eat berries - antioxidant powerhouses and really high vitamin C (boosts collagen production, plumping the skin)
  • Eat omega 3-6-9 fats - your body needs healthy fats to absorb vitamins and feed the skin (excellent sources are salmon, sardines, avocado, walnuts and flaxseed)
  • Get your B vitamins (good for energy and fighting the effects of stress) which are in oats, grains and cereals
  • Your hair and skin are made up of protein so give your body the highest quality of good proteins (organic red meat, fresh seafood, tempeh, greek yoghurt, milk)
  • Fit food
  • Vitamin D - get a daily fix from 10 minutes in peak sunlight
And get physical. Working up a sweat is brilliant for your circulation and a healthy heart, lungs and muscles. Even a brisk walk mornings and evenings should do the trick if you're too busy for classes or working up to something more strenuous.
The catch? WASH YOUR FACE after you exercise! All that sweat will trap dirt and dust. Use something gentle - carry travel-sized cleanser and moisturiser in your gym bag. Use non-comedogenic products (they don't clog pores - the packaging will state this). I trust mineral products, and recommend Garnier BB cream - cheap, good coverage, SPF 15+ and I don't break out!

Yoga shoulder stand
Finally, deal with stress and rollercoaster moods. Whether it's yoga, pilates, meditation, dancing or just stretching and singing while you vacuum - find an outlet. Inversion poses in yoga, where your head is below your hips, allows blood to rush to the head and face - it's a free, feel-good facial. If you can headstand, do it!

I know this hurts, but if you have really dry or spotty skin, CUT the alcohol and try not to do more than 2 coffees a day. I swear by green tea, but if that's not your thing, any herbal tea is a good alternative.