High Sobriety

Look, I'm not a fan of New Years Resolutions, because as soon as the party is over and the leftover cake has been eaten for breakfast, you realise you're actually not up for that marathon in February after all. Having said that, it is not New Years YET and so you can set a resolution now and date it to begin pre OR post New Years!
I have just picked up High Sobriety: My year without booze by Sunday Age journalist, Jill Stark. She predominantly wrote on mental health, public health policy and alcohol/drug issues. Despite this being her area of expertise, she regularly wrote herself off binge-drinking over the weekends.

Her book examines Australia's alcohol-loving culture, marketing that encourages drinking as a lifestyle choice and the way marketers are targeting teens with insidious creations such as alcopops.

So as I delve into Jill's world and discover whether she makes it a whole year without booze and what that experience is like, I challenge you to think about what particular habit you have that doesn't match up with your values and the lifestyle you want to be living. What are YOU going to resolve to do differently and for HOW LONG?

Let me know on FB - here you can get your hands on Jill's book (Scribe Publications)