Lilac Loveliness

Lilac and pink Nike Free
Did I really paint my nails to match my new Nike Free shoes? Yes. Is it shallow to love shoes as much as I do right now? Yes. I'm ok with all of it!

I am forced by nature to wear orthotics which obviously doesn't mix with wearing Frees, so these are for weights-room and home only. Have you embraced the whole "free running" idea? Would you?

If you're more of a Pink Person support the Cancer Council by purchasing a badge, pen or bear-in-pyjamas. This lot is on display at Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre.

Support Cancer Council

Lilac nails too
Nails by Pro Nails, Ivanhoe
Shoes by Eastbay
Stray doghairs by Lou nextdoor (Border Collie)