Do the Twist

In all my focusing on working front and back for balance, I have neglected to include some really good rotational moves in my routines. I've paid for it with a stiff back and thanks to the very wise Ellie, I am going to focus on rotations through my thoracic spine to increase my range of motion.

Why should you include rotations?
  • improves range of motion when twisting from side to side
  • strengthens muscles that support the spine
  • enhances posture by preventing stiff, overworked supporting muscles
  • develops and conditions oblique abdominal muscles
Especially great for swimmers, tennis players, netball and basketball players, surfers and ping pong players! Allows for greater ability to twist and lengthen, increasing your efficiency in these movements - your strength and agility.
Rotational Moves for Core
Top Row: BOSU Ball twist with medicine ball (the instability makes this a challenging core workout - you can do this move without the ball, just keep your palms together and arms straight)
Cable rotation - stand far enough from the cable machine to maintain tension and set the cable with a D-handle at chest height. Use both hands gripped on the handle to pull it across the body. Arms STRAIGHT throughout!
Middle Row: Thoracic/Chest rotation: Start lying on your side with knees in line with hips. Arms straight out and palms together. Open the top arm and stretch it back to open the chest while keeping your shoulders and hips still. Return and repeat.
Swiss ball russian twist: Hard. Place shoulders on the swiss ball and walk out, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders at all times. Using a light medicine ball (or NO weight) rotate to each side slowly, keeping the ball aligned with your chest.
Bottom Row: Single arm cable row requires you to set the D-handle at navel-height. Standing with the handle in your left hand, step your left leg back. Pull your left elbow back, close to your waist, rotating slightly from the waist. Keep hips still. Slowly return and release. Repeat.