Working out and not seeing weight change?

I see it allll the time - people running and spinning and aerobic-ing themselves silly and then complaining they're not losing any weight! Or there's just a stubborn pouch of tummy fat that won't budge...why?
A lovely lady said to me yesterday, "Maybe it's just a silly little thing like hormones..."
Chill out on the cardio time
Bang on, I reckon.

Most of your immune system is housed in your gut. When you get stressed (physically and mentally), hormones including cortisol take a big toll on the ability of the immune system to function. Raised cortisol levels send the message to your body "start storing fat - we're in stress and survival mode here!"
So here's what to do, in a nutshell, and PLEASE if you are stressed on a regular basis, or depressed, PLEASE see your doctor and be brave enough to ask for assistance!
  • Adopt an exercise class or routine that is nurturing and non-stressful to your body (yoga, pilates, tai chi)
  • Cut down on caffeine (including coke, chocolate, "energy" drinks)
  • Moderate sugar intake and highly processed foods (anything wrapped in plastic!)
  • Take a multivitamin and omega 3 supplements (fish oil or flaxseed)
Fish oil supplements
Most importantly, look at your lifestyle and what it is about it that is causing stress and work out what you can change now and in the longer term to make sure your health and happiness is a priority.