No more jump squats for me...

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: I will STILL be teaching Pump. This is NOT a resignation!

I really wasn't sure I wanted to share this, but what the hell...I had an MRI on my left hip on the weekend after I was feeling a lot of pain about a year ago. I expected perhaps a hip impingement or a tear. I did not expect to find serious osteoarthritis throughout that left hip.
I cried. I blamed myself. I was angry. But in fact, I don't feel that pain since I really began to focus on building strength through my legs, glutes and back. My posture has improved, the pain has gone and I feel strong. I will continue to focus on LOW IMPACT cardio and strength building. There is no "cure" for the damage apart from a hip replacement.
Why do I have damage to my hip that appears as if I've been in a serious car accident?
In my teenage years I had an addiction to running that saw me doing absurd mileage EVERY day, even when injured, even sick, even when I couldn't actually walk afterwards. I wasn't eating healthily and I suffered for this physically and mentally.
Why am I sharing this?
Because I changed. And that took pure strength and support of some really fabulous people and we all have treated our bodies in ways we regret but it doesn't mean we can't change.
Thankyou to my brother, Stephen and his beautiful girlfriend, Billie for their assurances that blaming myself and crying wouldn't get me anywhere!  

And thankyou for reminding me that there are people with all sorts of afflictions and setbacks and obstacles that STILL stay fit as hell and this is just something I will manage.