Friday: your inner Vixen is ready to be unleashed!

Theatre of the Nameless
Ever fantasised about who you were in a past life? I wish I'd been Anita Berber - Berlin cabaret star, muse to painter Otto Dix, a writer and actress (oh ok, and a prostitute!) Notorious in the Berlin underground tribes for her black kohled eyes and bright red bob, she died 10th November 1928 of suspected tuberculosis.
Everyone who is truly unique is underground in so many ways, and we all have to find our ways to break out on our own terms. - Deborah Lazaroff, author
While I don't encourage rampant cocaine use and walking around naked bar for your pet monkey in Berlin nightclubs (though I won't disown you if you do!), I DO ABSOLUTELY encourage you to wear:
Illamasqua shades

Metallic, supershiny powder pigment Berber

 and grape-stained (or tuberculosis-inflicted) purply-pink Resist 

Be a vixen.
Be original.
Be a Weimar-era cabaret star!

I was fortunate that highly skilled and experienced Illamasqua Key Makeup Artist, Mikele Simone, could tell me more about the collection. Enjoy.

“Each collection revolves around a story and inspiration. The colours we decide to launch are inspired deep within the story we are trying to tell. They revolve around a mood or feeling provoked through the main story.” 

Mikele Simone, Illamasqua Key Make-up Artist and member of the Illamasqua Art team.

How can the shade "Depravity" be applied?
Depravity is from the Illamasqua Cream Pigment family and is quite a versatile shade. It can be applied all over the eyelid using the Illamasqua Eyeshadow brush either as an eyeshadow base or even on its own.

It can be used a gorgeous magenta lip colour by applying on the lip with either your finger or the Illamasqua Lip Brush and also on the cheeks; buff the cream pigment in with the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush to get a gorgeous blush shade.
Illamasqua Berber

What about “Berber”?
The Illamasqua shade ‘Berber’ refers to Anita Berber, German Dancer from the 1900’s. Last year Illamasqua launched the Theatre of the Nameless Collection, which paid homage to the amazing influencers like Berber and her partner, Sebastian Droste.

Can Illamasqua be ordered online and where?
In Australia we are stocked exclusively in MYER and can be found on counter at MYER Sydney City, Melbourne City, Brisbane, Chadstone, Robina & Bondi Junction and of course online at

Anita Berbe
I’m awaiting these books from The Book Depository: