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Barry Hall
I was very lucky today to be able to chat to Barry Hall about his current workout approach. We didn't get into the nitty-gritty of sets/reps and so forth, but that's because while what other people do, no matter how effective, every individual needs to cater their workout to their body and goals.
Here is what Barry shared about his fitness/health:
Cat: How do you structure your workout?
Barry: I do two weeks of a push pull program, say chest and biceps, then I change it up for the next two weeks, and so on. I do three days of cardio between weights sessions, including running, cycling and I've just started using the arm grinder.
That grinder is so hard!
It is hard! After a minute, my arms are killing me.
So, how long does your weights workout take?
45 minutes. I just put in my iPod and I really enjoy it.
What do you listen to?
Barry on the ground
Coldplay, Pete Murray, all that easy stuff.
How do you recover after a weights session?
I focus on getting plenty of protein. I don't have access to the ice baths anymore, so I just walk.
Did you find it hard to stick to a healthy diet after AFL?
No, I got into good habits and I haven't had any problems so far, knock on wood! Without being really fussy about it, I look at labels when I'm in the supermarket and I know what's good for me and what's not.
What advice would you give to amateur footballers looking to gain strength and agility?
I'd say focus on full body exercises. What I mean by that is push-ups, chin-ups, squat jumps, lunges. Anything where you're holding your own body weight is going to put you in good stead.
What's your favourite move? I know I'm a sucker for tricep kickbacks - I love it.
The shoulder press.
What are you lifting for that?
Barry Hall

Barry was really generous with his time, so a big thankyou.

 Listen out for him tomorrow, commentating the game at the MCG. I'd also like to wish him luck in his mission to find "a purple velvet suit" during the Op Shop $30 challenge on the weekend!  
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