Where to start with fitness tools for home and travel

So, it’s icy cold outside. You know you’ll have to stop for petrol too. For four days this week you’re at a conference in Timbuktu in a budget motel with no gym for miles. What to do? Eat fast food and give up on the whole fitness schmitness bizzo? You could. Or you could invest in some smart home/travel fitness tools and make some plans!
Exercise DVDsask friends, trainers, research online and watch YouTube videos to decide on the sort of workout you want to do, the personality of the instructor that appeals to you (if you don’t like super-perky, avoid zumba at ALL costs), the length of the workouts and how many options it gives (ie. does it cater to beginners, regular and advanced participants?)
Alternatively, subscribe to an online video service! Some are free, some are minimal cost. Check out iTunes.
I love barre3, Tracey Mallett, Casey Ho’s Blogilates, TeriLeigh’s power yoga podcasts

Hit up your local Target, Kmart, Big W, insert generic brand here...you get the idea.
Wrist support handles
A recent trek down the sports aisle at my local Kmart unearthed fit balls ($12), ab rollers ($10), wrist support handles ($12), yoga mats ($19)...

Talk to a trusted personal trainer and schedule some appointments to go through a program of body-weight exercises you can do when travelling that will maintain lean muscle mass while ensuring your technique is spot-on! Do NOT think that powering out 200 push-ups that are actually belly-flops counts as a workout. Don't think I haven't seen it. Also? 100 sit-ups that are actually more puffing and grunting than real abdominal contractions? Not. On.

Lunge anywhere
Fit ball
Push ups done right