Skin Love

I have to come clean - I am a skincare and makeup fanatic. Having had bad acne when I was a teenager, I am adamant about looking after my skin. I went through two courses of Accutane, and let me tell you, that makes a person never want to experience nasty skin-peeling, vicious lip chapping, redness and sensitivity again. SO!
I change products regularly, not so much because I give up on the ones I use, but because there are so many awesome new products and research coming out. What I have discovered and am LOVING at the moment includes...
NVEY Organic erase concealer
ECO Minerals blush
  • NVEY Organic concealer brush (perfect size and softness for around the eyes and nose) & erase concealer in neutral.
  • ECO Minerals mineral blush in Uluru - not JUST for the name! Beautiful shade that mimics a healthy glow (cheaper than a holiday in Thailand!)
  • Estee Lauder lip tint in Amber Bronze (611) - apply one coat for the slightest berry sheen and three for a stronger colour
    Estee Lauder lip tint
  • Garnier BB Cream in light shade. This is amazing and so cheap - moisturises, heals blemishes, prevents new spots and covers you can throw it in the basket while you're doing the groceries. Bonus.
Garnier BB Cream

What are you using and loving at the moment - leave a comment!