Edge of a cliff feeling
Tomorrow I find out whether my work contract is being extended. I would like to say that after repeating to myself, "Whatever happens, it will be ok!", I'm actually hovering on the edge of a big icy cliff with anticipation and this feels like a judgement on my worth! I know, I know. Only if I choose to see it like that.
What we all aspire to feel!
I know I only feel this anxious because this really matters to me. Some people work a daily grind in work that doesn't give them any personal sense of satisfaction or fulfillment, so to have been able to work on a project for this long, regardless of what decision is made tomorrow, means a lot to me. I have met some really passionate, dedicated people who not only do a really impressive job, but follow curious and inspiring passions outside of work (singing in a choir, starting a beauty business, etc.)
I can't guarantee that I'll succeed, but I'm going to try to feel less anxious about tomorrow. If you have any tried and true formulas for calming the nerves, please share with me in the comments!