Women's Day & Exercise alters your DNA

Two things to be thrilled about today! Firstly, it's International Women's Day, so on behalf of the sisterhood, go and do something strong and impressive and amazing. As long as YOU think it's awesome, it is! If you need some ideas, there are a whole bunch of events in Victoria.
Secondly, an article in Huffington Post suggests Exercise Alters Your DNA.
"Zierath and colleagues recently found that healthy, but inactive young adults experienced an immediate change to their muscle cells' genetic material when they engaged in just a few moments of exercise on a stationary bicycle...Bottom line: While each of us inherits our own unique, hardwired, unchangeable version of the genetic code, epigenetic factors such as lifestyle and diet can radically change what our genes do." 
Opinions? Proof otherwise? C'mon you science-types, speak up!