Self Myofascial Release

I have just discovered my local library has a stash of FitnessRx for women. Along with Oxygen magazine, it is an invaluable source of training program ideas, nutrition and body science information. If you can't stretch to a subscription, why not go see if your library stocks Oxygen, Fitness & Health, Shape, FitnessRx or Women's Fitness?

I was inspired by an article on Talia Terese in the FitnessRx December 2011 edition where she discusses her workout philosophy, training program and how she maintains such a gruelling workout without compromising her body. Her trainer is a pilates/yoga and dance instructor with a passion for yoga and full-body training rather than split sessions. I love her approach. What I particularly liked was her adherence to self myofascial release using a massage ball and foam roller to ensure that the muscles and supporting tissues aren't stressed and strained prior to and following a gruelling training session.
Talia Terese Myofascial Release

" Rolling out the muscles helps to release the knots in the fascia, which surround the uscle. Inense training can cause the fascia to become tight, causing inflammation, which leads to a thickening of the tissue...Chronic tightening of the fascia leads to pain and irritation all over the body...I would recommend that individuals roll at least three ties per week and stretch as well." - Michelle Adams.

Ask at your gym for assistance with using the foam roller to release tension in the glutes, back, IT band and hamstrings - often there are one or two trainers with a passion for the roller and the best ways to use it!