Plyometric Training

Today - plyometric circuit. Why? Killer on the lower body primarily, gets the heart rate pumping, builds explosive strength in the legs and challenges the core (abs, glutes, hips, back). Plus it's heaps more fun than watching reruns of Days of Our Lives while on the treadmill. In my endeavours to chill out on my passion for working upper body, I'm trying to find ways to make lower body workouts my new drug of choice. If you love it, tell me. If you have suggestions, I'm up for them!
20 x step ups (dumbbells optional)
10 x squat jumps (bend your knees, get low!)
20 x step ups
10 x plyometric lunges (if you want an alternative, dynamic reverse lunges)  REPEAT x 3
Step Ups

Squat Jumps
Squat Jumps
Plyometric Lunges