Emma Seibold of Body Barre

I had the great privilege of interviewing Body Barre founder and instructor, Emma Seibold. She managed to find the time between running a business, attending a festival in Byron Bay, looking after her baby and teaching to answer some questions for me. Enjoy!

Could you describe the structure of your BodyBarre class and the rationale behind the type of exercises in class?

We move through a series of strengthening and stretching exercises in isometric and interval formats targeting the arms and back, legs, seat and core. Strengthening sets to sculpt the muscles are complemented by yoga stretching sets to shape the muscles. We work the entire body in a dynamic and fun session.

 Who will this class benefit and how? 

Barre classes are good for people who want to tone and shape their bodies. Visible results are obtained very fast so it has a very wide appeal. We offer modifications in all of our classes; the goal is to challenge everyone, but also make sure that people are working with their own bodys’potential and limits.  

As a yoga instructor, what does yoga mean to you and why do you want to teach it?

Yoga is my heart & soul and my greatest passion. It’s what grounds me and keeps me sane. It has nursed me through breakups, supported me through pregnancy, made my heart sing in the mornings and made me fall in love with it. I teach it because I love it so much. I love working with students at an individual level. A great class for me is where I can lead someone to have an “aha” moment in a posture.

How often does a participant need to attend a BodyBarre class to see results?

Most people see results within about 10 sessions and 3 sessions per week are recommended.

Tell me about the studio space and why it is designed as it is.

I wanted the studio to be a beautiful, open, light and bright space that it warm and welcoming and has a boutique feel to it.

What are your plans for Barre Body in the coming year and how can we stay up to date with the latest classes and news?

We plan to grow! We are adding more classes to the timetable and opening another Melbourne studio and a Sydney studio in the next 12 months. Keep up to date by liking us on facebook and signing up for email alerts (or love notes as we call them).