Earth Day 2015

Come April 22nd this year, it's the 45th annual Earth Day worldwide.
Sure, another Day of Something I hear you mumble. Perhaps. But maybe you'll think about what you can do in your own home, workplace or community to be part of a more sustainable Australia. You can find all the info about Earth Day 2015 and look for events, or even register your own event on the Earth Day 2015 site.

I am celebrating Earth Day care of a low-impact, online shopping trip to Kiehl's for their celebratory Limited Edition Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque. White Amazonian Clay is going to zap any nasties and tighten up my skin. Clean skin is happy skin! Kiehl's is well reputed for its support of recycling, fair trade, natural and sustainable ingredients and ethical production and manufacturing. Plus, as a design obsessive, the packaging is care of amazing studio Neighbourhood Studio in Austin. Follow Kiehl's Instagram for beauty and Eco Inspo @Kiehls.Au

For more inspiration on Earth Day and to stay informed of events, worldwide initiatives and online tools to measure your green footprint, follow @EarthDayNetwork
If you're in Melbourne, read about the Sustainability initiatives of City of Melbourne including rebates for solar, greener buildings, recycling and  more.